• Okay, that ahi tuna bowl, sounds legit. And that peach …

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    Okay, that ahi tuna bowl, sounds legit. And that peach flatbread by The Balanced Berry!? YUMMM. Man oh man.

    Thanks so much for including my lettuce wraps my love <3

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    Rach this is amazing. You are amazing and a true inspiration! So thankful we had the chance to meet in 2016. Keep doing you, it’s obviously working <3

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    Everything about these looks amazing! There is an apple orchard/country mill about 15 minutes north of where we live and I still haven’t been yet!!

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    These look ridiculous! Also, love the new site <3 😀

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    Happy Birthday again and I seriously am in awe of all you’ve accomplished. You’re an inspiration to so many! I can 100% relate to “the plan… it’s funny how things change, not only our perspective on life but our paths. I think as long as we all just keep moving forward in a positive way, we got this <3

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    omg *HEAR* you speak.