• Hi brittney! sounds like you may have needed more liquid. …

    Comment on Flourless Golden Milk Pancakes with Cinnamon Maple Syrup by Rachel.

    hi brittney! sounds like you may have needed more liquid. if this is the case, add a bit more milk next time or some coconut oil. this recipe has worked a handful of times for myself and readers so not sure if maybe something was off in the ratios you used? gf oat flour works great for this so that wouldn’t be the issue. xx

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    I have only used a finer almond flour for this. almond meal may work but they may be a bit grainy!

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    it’s totally personal preference and depends on the baby. whenever the outgrow it 🙂

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    i haven’t tried half/half but i do know almond works! it can vary based off the brand you use since each flour has a different consistency.

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    oat flour or spelt would work!

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    i’m not sure! i haven’t used almond pulp before 🙂