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    How to Set Goals for Yourself in 2016

    How to Set Goals for Yourself in 2016

    You may be thinking that this blog post should have been written in January, and that is absolutely a valid point, but its never too late to start setting goals for yourself.

    The end of a year and beginning of a new year marks a time when many of us are assessing the past year and thinking about what our resolutions are for the next year. That is why today we are going to talk about How to Set Goals for Yourself in 2016.

    I have to say, I am not one to make New Years resolutions or even set goals for that matter. I set daily to-do lists of what I want to accomplish, but never larger goals that could really make an impact and push me to do more.

    It would be a little dramatic to go from rarely setting goals to all of a sudden setting big goals for the first time. But with the start of a new year, there is no time like the present for us to really assess what we want to accomplish to continue to grow and be the best version of ourselves. It can be as simple a goal is “eating more greens every day” or “going to the gym 4x a week”. 

    The most common goals we set are usually around health & fitness. I recently did the barre3 challenge in January where I completed 23 classes in a month. The barre3 team helped guide us along the way and formed a community of challengers to support each other. We set goals for ourselves and at the end of the month I felt more accomplished than ever in my work out routine. In fact, I even have continued working out with the barre3 team into February.

    Accomplishing goals is 100% easier when you have a support system with you and the right tools. You need the essentials to make it less intimidating to accomplish your goals and continue to grow and learn along the way.

    To help inspire you to set goals for yourself, I have listed several parts of our lives many of us look to improve. Thanks to my friends at theVitaminShoppe, I have also listed how we can accomplish these goals and some items to help us do so.settingoals2016


    1. Managing stress
      • Stress consumes way too much of our lives. I am guilty of this as I’m sure you are too. We are stressed about our jobs, finances, friendships, love, everything. Stress can have such a major impact on our lives and can really hurt us both internally and externally. I personally like to manage stress by working out, cooking or going out for a nice dinner with my husband, but it definitely is something I have to work on this year. Baking is one of my biggest stress relievers (like baking these Gluten Free Peanut Butter Blossoms or these Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bars). There are also many herbs and oils that can help us to manage our stress. The Vitamin Shoppe Ashwaganda is an adaptogenic herb that helps our bodies manage stress. It can promote stress resistance for us.
    2. Getting a good night’s sleep
      • Sleep aka my favorite hobby. I am seriously wicked and cranky if I do not get at least 8 hours of shut eye every night. Jord wants to kill me when we go to bed because I also hate watching television with the lights off. They say it can impact your sleeping patterns and make falling asleep more challenging for you. Going on technology (so me on Instagram at night) can also have a negative impact on your sleep patterns. When going technology-less doesn’t help, you can try some liquid Melatonin. The Vitamin Shoppe has one the you take prior to bedtime that can help your internal body clock know that it is time to sleep.
    3. Staying active
      • Up until a couple of years ago, staying active was a serious challenge for me. I didn’t enjoy working out or moving around ever. A couple of years ago I purchased a FitBit to help me track my steps when I was working in an office. I highly recommend getting some sort of pedometer, like Next Step from The Vitamin Shoppe that you can use to track your daily movements. You can set goals each day to make sure you are stay as active as you can. It also helps to push you to the next level. Or if steps aren’t your thing, find a fitness studio you love. I recently challenged myself with the barre3 challenge by working out over 20 times in a month!
    4. Staying organized
      • I’m not going to lie, staying organized isn’t really a weakness of mine. At times I may be a little “too organized” and planned as Jord would say. I get this isn’t natural for most people. It definitely comes in handy when we travel home to our families over weekends or go away on vacation. I always make packing and to-do lists to ensure everything is set. I even have one of the pill cases from The Vitamin Shoppe to help organize all of the daily vitamins Jord and I take. It makes your life 100x easier!
    5. Cooking with healthier ingredients
      • Also known as the main reason I have a blog. Cooking with healthier ingredients can be totally intimidating. Once you are moving and into a groove, cooking healthier just falls into place. There are many substitutions that you can do for some of your favorite ingredients that may not be good-for-you. A few examples are coconut oil instead of canola oil, whole wheat bread instead of white, wild fish over farm raised, and so on. As you see on my blog, I am border line obsessed with coconut oil. I use it for everything from cooking to baking to putting it in my hair or on my face. The Vitamin Shoppe sells Coconut Oil that you can use in cooking or as you wish.
    6. Managing a goal weight
      • We all work so hard to reach that “happy weight” we are satisfied with, but once we get there it can definitely be confusing on how to maintain your weight and still enjoy eating what you love without sacrificing anything. I’ve learned over the years how key protein is to managing your weight. It fills you up and promotes muscle growth by metabolizing directly into muscle tissue. I personally use whey or plant based protein. There are so many protein options offered and The Vitamin Shoppe offers a plethora of protein packets for you to try and see what tastes best to you. I recently made Banana Peanut Butter Overnight Oats packed with protein and these Grain-free Chocolate Cookie Dough Bliss Balls.
    7. Recovering after your work outs
      • When I first started to work out, I didn’t anticipate how much hungrier I would feel. I usually fuel for my morning work out with oatmeal or chia seed pudding. Afterwards I carry some of my bliss balls to pop in my mouth before I have my next meal. If you prefer not to have some edible, you can also mix from Critical Aminos into a shaker with some water and sip on it after a work out. They are designed to help your body recover from any training or exercise.
    8. Taking care of your body
      • Sounds easy enough right? Taking care of our bodies sounds much easier than it actually is. I can’t help but wonder from time to time, “am I doing everything I need to to be the healthiest version of myself?” It’s not just about eating and exercising but we also need to take all essential vitamins and supplements. A couple years ago, I started taking probiotics to help promote digestive and immune health. They help with any gas, stomaches or bloating as well. There isn’t anyone who really doesn’t need probiotics since they can only add to your health.

    Setting goals for yourself can be a challenge but I hope this guide on How to Set Goals for Yourself in 2016 has motivated you to #getyourgoalon.

    xx, Rach


    This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Vitamin Shoppe.

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