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    Meal Prep with Terra’s Kitchen + Coupon Code

    Terra's Kitchen Review

    My experience using Terra’s Kitchen – a meal delivery service sourcing clean, sustainable ingredients that are non-GMO, organic when possible and made with clean goods!Terra's Kitchen Review

    A couple weeks ago, Terra’s Kitchen reached out to me about trying their meal delivery service. Even though I food blog for a living and am constantly creating new recipes, I absolutely love trying out various meal delivery services. Especially ones that provide recipes that are innovative and use ingredients that are clean, organic and antibiotic and hormone-free.

    I immediately said yes and began browsing the menu options listed. I ordered three different meals: one vegetarian option, one paleo option and then I saw tacos and immediately ordered those too, ha! 🙂 I also requested one of their salad mixes and snack combos, as I have never received something like that from a meal service.

    Before I knew it, a Terra’s Kitchen vessel was at the front desk downstairs and I anxiously opened it to see what was inside.

    The vessel itself was impressive (see the turquoise vessel here) and had various drawers with the ingredients for each meal. The ingredients were clearly labeled in plastic containers so it was super easy to keep everything organized. The vessel is a climate controlled shipping container and keeps all the ingredients fresh during the shipment. And the best part? It is eco-friendly and reusable! After you take out all of your ingredients for your order, you peel off the current shipping label to reveal a new return label (pre-paid) and it gets picked up the next day.

    I unpacked all the ingredients immediately and began cooking everything. I was so excited to taste their meals and it came just in time for me to make something before lunch (it’s like the mailman knew).

    The three recipes I ordered were: Sweet Potato Bacon + Kale Hash, Creamy Black Bean Sliders and Barbosa Street Tacos. But since it was just me for lunch, I made the Creamy Black Bean Sliders first. Jord isn’t a huge bean fan after Whole30, so I knew he wouldn’t get too jealous at work.

    There is a large recipe card for each meal you order and it outlines the service size, time to cook, any allergens to be aware of and it even says what the meal is a source of (fiber, protein, vitamins, etc.). The card also tells you what equipment you will need from your kitchen and any other ingredients like salt, pepper, oil.

    Terra’s Kitchen shipping all the ingredients and having them already portioned out saves SO much time. Plus they also recommend  wine and beer pairing for each meal so you can have a little bubbly as you cook 🙂

    The ingredient containers are in plastic but they are recyclable so don’t forget to recycle them afterwards.

    Here is a run down of the meals we had:

    Creamy Black Bean Sliders – These were super simple to make. I did end up adding an egg and oat flour from my pantry to make the burgers a bit firmer, but the recipe does list that as optional. The black bean sliders were full of flavor and the avocado they included even was ripe just in time to add on top. I’m not a huge fan of sour cream so I left it out and just used the smashed avocado. They were a perfect lunch and I had some left over for the next day.Terra's Kitchen Review

    Sweet Potato, Bacon + Kale Hash – This was absolutely DELICIOUS. So flavorful and easy to make. It was comprised of bacon, sweet potatoes (already chopped), onion, and a few other ingredients to add. Jord and I had this for dinner that night and put some eggs on top to make it a more substantial meal. Very simple and only took about 15 minutes to make. It was also a paleo dish, which was great for J as we are trying to do a balance of grains, beans & such for his meals.Terra's Kitchen Review

    Barbacoa Street Tacos – These surpassingly turned out so good! The only downside to this was you needed a slow cooker and I do not own one (oops). Luckily I was able to slow cook it in a pot over the stove on super low heat. It only took about an hour for the meat to cook though, which was great since a slow cooker would have taken 7 to 8 hours. Our meal was ready so much quicker. I also loved that they used corn tortillas as I prefer those over flour ones.

    Terra's Kitchen Review

    I gave the Chopped Power Green Salad and cheese plate with grapes and gluten-free crackers to J to take to work the next day as I’m not a cheese fan but his office loved! Plus we got to spread the word about Terra’s Kitchen there 🙂 I was really impressed with the creativity of the meals and how easy they were to make. It definitely is a great option for anyone who wants a home cooked meal but has no time to think about what they want to eat or grocery shop. It also is good when you are in a slump and get tired of thinking of recipe ideas (aka me!). I loved making all the meals at once, so it was prepped and ready to go for the next couple of days.

    If you’d like to try Terra’s Kitchen, use the code RACHL for $35 off your first order! Let me know what you order so I can hear what you think too 🙂

    xx, Rach

    Thank you Terra’s Kitchen for sponsoring this post, it means so much to me to work with brands that I love who support rachLmansfield.com


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    All the food looks so good! x
    Izzy |http://www.pinchofdelight.com

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  • Reply Carrie This Fit Chick March 1, 2017 at 11:31 pm

    Oh heck yea! Love the look and idea of those black bean sliders!!! Great way to go meatless!

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