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    My Chic (ish) Essentials + My Date Night Details

    My Chic(ish) Essentials for Date Nights

    My Chic(ish) Essentials + My Date Night DetailsMy Chic(ish) Essentials for Date Nights

    You may think I am crazy but date night is a very important part of my life.

    Are you shocked? I know, sometimes I leave my athleisure wear and actually put on real clothes. I even wash my hair from time to time (crazy, I know). And when I do, that usually means one thing, it is date night.

    Jord and I have been together for over six and a half years now. Crazy, right? Date night is so key for all relationships.

    My Chic(ish) Essentials for Date NightsMy Chic(ish) Essentials for Date Nights

    So when you first start seeing someone, you go on A LOT of dates, you know when you are trying to impress each other, ha! Then a few months go by and the number of date nights dwindle a little bit. Next thing you know it’s a few years and you are working 24/7, don’t feel like spending money and let’s face it, sometimes we are plain old TIRED. But going on a date with your boo thang is seriously key in keeping your relationship spicy and not dull. Jord and I try to go on at least two a month, which sounds kind of low but between social things, work, family, it works for us.

    Now, this post isn’t going to be me walking you through our dates (duh, those are just for J and I to enjoy), but more about how I prep for our date nights now. I’m sharing my chic(ish) essentials and my date night details.

    I am a pretty minimalistic and simple chick when it comes to pampering myself. There are few majority key things I prioritize before heading out the door:

    1. HAIR – I have to have my hair washed and sans coconut oil, ideally it is curled with a wand. Then I loosen it up so I don’t look like shirley temple when we are out. A couple sprays of hair spray (OBSESSED with this one), and I am set.
    2. BUBBLE BATH & DESSERT – my 6pm bubble bath is nonnegotiable. I sit in the bath with a beverage and chocolates, always. And this brings me to my next pre-date night priority. OH and you need a bath pillow. It changed my bath time forever.
    3. CHOCOLATE – specifically my Dole Dippers. Dippers are one of my go-to’s when it comes to my pre-date treats. I have to have dessert before we go out, it is just my thing. I love keeping Dole Dippers banana, strawberry or pineapple in my freezer for when I need that sweet chocolate fix (aka everyday). They are made with real chocolate and it cures my craving in a healthy way. I love the strawberry ones so flipping much. Dole Dippers are also 100x better for us than the butter and sugar-filled restaurant desserts! They are healthy yet taste indulgent AKA they’re my kind of treat. Chocolate is my chic essential, kind of like my “little black dress” if you will, but I don’t really think any of you are surprised by this. Oh and speaking of my LBD..
    4. LITTLE BLACK DRESS – yes, I am a cliche. I love my LBD. I mean I love all black everything like my work out clothes, tee-shirts, everything. But there is nothing I feel more confident in than my little black dress. I put this on and immediately feel good to go. The one I am wearing is from Gilt (obsessed with Gilt BTW). Gilt and Dole Dippers have even partnered together right for the start of Fall. UM, can you say match made in heaven? They are featuring the LBD and Dippers for the fall season together. They are the two essentials we all need to feel gawgeous. Gilt also has their own “Chic Essentials” sale launching right NOW. All of us can enter a sweepstakes to win a style essentials consultation with a Gilt stylist and a credit worth $500. Plus all entrants will receive a coupon for my Dole Dippers, yup amazeballs.
    5. LIP GLOSS – My final chic(ish) essential. I’m not big make up gal. I put mascara on and blush but I don’t feel best until I have lip gloss on. I can feel like the ugliest person ever and like a big pile of garbage but as soon as I put on my lip gloss, it’s like a 180.

    So babes, those are my chic(ish) essentials + my date night details. Easy, minimalistic and chic in my own way.

    xx, Rach

    Thank you Dole Dippers & Gilt for sponsoring this post. It means so much to me to work with brands that I love and who support rachLmansfield!

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    Thanks for all your info! I’m a pretty basic gal when it comes to beauty. Do you have a fav mascara ? Thank you!

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