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    The Oatmeal Addiction is REAL!

    I’m pretty sure you all know my obsession with oatmeal runs deep.quakeroatmeal2

    It was the main reason I started my Instagram and blog last year. It’s a staple in my diet and I have been eating it since I was a toddler. My Dad used to make me Quaker oatmeal every single morning basically since I was young enough to even chew. The smell of it cooking on the stove is still one of my favorite smells ever and it is such a comfort food to me.

    When I first had the idea to start a food-focused Instagram account, I told Jord I was going to sell my overnight oats recipes in a jar. He thought I was kidding (which I wasn’t) and suggested just posting recipes first to see what people thought.

    I had been making overnight oats for years while commuting to work. I loved how easy they were to transport and how I can throw in anything I am craving and boom, breakfast is served. I was always being asked from co-workers, “What the beep are you eating?” or “That smells amaazzzing? can I have the recipe?”.

    But the obsession didn’t stop at just overnight oats and big bowls of oatmeal. I began to test even more recipes using oatmeal and turning oats into oat flour. I quickly realized how versatile they are and how you can use them in so much more. I’m sure you babes see I bake with oat flour quite often so theres no surprise there. I even make some of  my banana breads using it and cookies.

    And quickly my love and passion spiralized into running this blog and my Instagram account. What started out from a Costco-sized container of Quaker old-fashioned oatmeal, led me to to pursue my dream and follow what I am actually passionate about: healthy and delicious food.

    photo by Stephanie Park of The Healthiest Hour
    photo by Stephanie Park of The Healthiest Hour


    Who would have thought all of this started with Quaker? So you can imagine how I nearly fell over when they emailed me to come into OatMeals in NYC and eat oatmeal with them yesterday. “Me? Quaker wants me?”. My Dad wanted me to bring him with me (the fellow oat lover) and we joked about how obsessed we both are with oats. I never imagined Quaker noticing who I was let alone inviting me to eat oatmeal. I had to pinch myself.

    They hosted an event at OatMeals to kick off month long Oatober AKA my new month of the year. All month long Quaker is sharing new recipes everyday to help inspire us and show the versatility of oatmeal. Samantha Stephens, who runs OatMeals, has crazy creativity when it comes to a bowl of oats. She has everything from sweet to savory recipes to these chocolate espresso balls that I LOVED.

    Thank you so much for having me, Quaker. Sorry I nearly fan girl-ed when we met and told you I loved you (oops). And thank you, Oats, for keeping me full and healthy since day one.

    xx, Rach

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