• There is no way that i would be able to …

    Comment on Vanilla Almond Bliss Balls by rachel @ athletic avocado.

    there is no way that i would be able to keep myself from eating these all! Justin’s vanilla almond butter is so darn addicting!

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    Veggies in Smoothies 101 + Zucchini Bread Smoothie
    I’m not normally a smoothie girl either, but when they are thick and fluffy I can’t say no! Yas to zucchini bread in smoothie form 🙂

    Vegan Buffalo Chickpea Nachos with Queso Sauce (gluten-free)
    buffalo chickpeas with nachos sounds like a to-die for combo! This definitely ups the value of nachos!

    Dark Chocolate Avocado Orgasm Smoothie (low-sugar, vegan)
    So this is basically an avocado pudding/smoothie hybrid, I’m in love!

    Dreamy & Messy Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Buns (yeast-free)
    I’d totally risk getting my kitchen all messy for these beautiful, doughy, chocolatey cinnamon buns! They are a beautiful mess 🙂

    Triple Layer Oatmeal Fig Bars (vegan and gluten-free)
    My fig obsession started with fig newtons lol! These bars look so hearty, moist and sweet! I’d take a slice for breakfast with coffee ASAP 🙂