• Rachl, Reading your post has left me with tears in …

    Comment on 2016 Realness & Reflection – Post Unemployed Aftermath by Ally Ford.

    Reading your post has left me with tears in my eyes as well. I just recently quit my job as a English teacher to learners of a second language. I often feel like it would make things easier (aka me being kinder to myself) if I would have just been fired. That way it doesn’t really require me to own up to the crazy decision I made. But everything about the job, minus hugging my students and listening to them talk about their lives, was parasitic. Strong word choice right? I only use that word because the environment that surrounded me, began to silence the few good qualities that I think I have going for me. The work space, coworkers, the planning was suffocating. I just wanted to have someone take the extra step that when asked how I was doing and I’d reply I could be doing better that there was another response other than, “oh…well that sucks”.

    It’s embarssing, yet liberating to speak about this reality I’m experiencing, feeling deep down inside of me that I’m called to be doing something different. Thank you for your honesty in your post and. For sharing the inner termoils you experienced. I think I’m in the”holy shit I just quit my job phase”/ there’s no work for me to do..to pursue or provide”. So thank you, again. For sharing, for inspiring, and for being honest.