Wow, what a great post. THere is a LOT Of …

February 28, 2020

    Comment on 2016 Realness & Reflection – Post Unemployed Aftermath by Nisha @ Honey What’s Cooking.

    Wow, what a great post. THere is a LOT Of work that goes into blogging. I get so annoyed when people think it’s easy. Takes a long time to build a brand. I was once laid off, but very very early in my career. The one thing I learned is to save money for rainy days… that was a very valuable lesson. Proud of you and love your work! I’m just wondering if any of your ex-co-workers read your blog. OMG!

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    My Body Story & Relationship with Food: We All Have One
    Great article Rachel. I packed on 25 pounds after college when I was working in consulting. I ate Chinese and Dominos every night for dinner cause they had us working till midnight every day. To lose weight I actually got on Weight Watchers online and learned about my food choices. It changed me completely. This story is empowering and you’re doing an amazing job sharing your story. My family makes fun of me too with my food choices, but I don’t take it to heart, I am like whatever. 🙂 Family is family! You’ve done an email job with your blog and Instagram. Success is the best revenge!

    Paleo-ish Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread Pancakes
    Yum.. I’ll have to check out that product – Bob’s Paleo flour. Looks so good and fluffy.
    Have fun in LA, was there last week, but not for expo obvi. 🙂

    Best of 2016 Recipes (aka YOUR favorites!)
    What a great list Rachel. I wanna try some of your recipes, I have like 5 other tabs open right now. lol. i’m gonna take a look at the ingredients and make something soon. I love your approach to eating clean, I believe in a healthy lifestyle as well. I need to learn how to make a video too. Have a Happy New Year! Look forward to your posts in 2017. 🙂

    I love seeing you what you make my recipes!
    Don’t forget to use the hashtag @rachLmansfield and #rachLeats on instagram!
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