4-ingredient Paleo Almond Butter Fudge Cups (vegan)




  1. Line a mini muffin tray with liners (or you can use an ice cube tray!)
  2. In a small sauce pan, add the chocolate layer ingredients and melt on low heat, stirring often to prevent sticking
  3. Remove from heat once it is in liquid form
  4. Fill each mini muffin liner half way with chocolate layer and add to freezer
  5. Let the chocolate layer set in freezer for 20 minutes or so and begin making the almond butter later
  6. In a small sauce pan add almond butter and vanilla extract and melter low heat (please note depending on what nut butter you use, you may need to add a dash of coconut oil!)
  7. Add the almond butter layer onto of each chocolate cup and set back in freezer for 30 minutes to set
  8. Leave in freezer and eat straight from there when you enjoy! These melt quickly!