• Coconut flour is a must for these. If you prefer …

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    Coconut flour is a must for these. If you prefer other floor definitely check out my other recipes for pancakes using oat flour and almond flour. Search “pancakes” in the search bar or head to the recipe section! xx

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    5-ingredient Paleo Nectarine Pancakes
    Hi Walker – happy to hear that! Coconut flour pancakes are VERY gentle so I recommend making the pancakes a bit smaller and flipping very carefully. Try about 2 tablespoons or so per pancake. xx

    5-ingredient Paleo Nectarine Pancakes
    I have only used 3 eggs but feel free to try with chia or flax

    5-ingredient Paleo Nectarine Pancakes
    Me too! I sometimes feel like they are the forgotten fruit though 😉

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    that is too cool BTW!!

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    aw thank you so much for sharing!! so helpful! xx

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    of course. just add to smoothie and blend 🙂 it blends in great

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    i haven’t tried another flour! this does need the thicker coconut milk from a can though. it works so well with it!

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    it is super thick! so it’ll spread on great 🙂