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    barre3 January Challenge Recap

    barre3 January Challenge Recap

    You + Me

    Happy hump day babes!

    Can you believe it is already January 27th? Like, hello, where did the month go? And most importantly, how fast did the barre3 Challenge go? I cannot digest the fact that in just a few days, I officially completed the barre3 challenge (completed 22 classes to be exact!).

    Now, many of you are probably wondering if I saw any physical or mental results from the barre3 challenge. I absolutely think that my butt has gotten firmer (if you know me you know I have no butt, so that’s huge for me), and my arms feel more toned and defined. Throughout the challenge I also noticed a substantial difference in my hunger from working out more than usual. Lucky for me, I am recipe testing a few days a week so the extra hunger was welcomed 🙂 Mentally, doing the barre3 challenge has definitely helped to clear the clutter and stress I feel often throughout the day. The beginning of this year was an adjustment for me with my change in job, so it was beneficial to distract myself and focus on nothing but barre3 & me for a whole hour.

    Hands down one of the best parts of the barre3 Challenge was all the support I received from my local studio, the barre3 West Village. I never even dreaded going to class. I woke up, had breakfast and happily walked down (sometimes in 16 degree weather) to the West Village for class. I also brought my Mama in for her first barre3 class ever when she was visiting me. She couldn’t get over how sweet and welcoming everyone was. Dino and Julienne both asked me the next day what she thought and wanted to make sure her experience was as amazing as possible. I have a feeling my Mom will be coming to the city more to join me 🙂 


    I have to say, I wasn’t really nervous to join the barre3 family for the challenge. I think this is due to a few things. First off, the barre3 west village studio is just beyond spectacular. The whole staff is incredibly friendly, the studio is so clean and I get this warm fuzzy feeling when I am there (yes, I love it that much). Everyone is smiling and there is no negativity, just everyone joining together to escape for an hour and focus on doing their bodies good. Each instructor has it’s own unique way of teaching and really makes every class stand out. I know that when I go to CJ’s class (aka bootcamp), I’m in for a 90’s hip-hop or Drake playlist and when I’m in Dino’s, I get to listen to his witty jokes and sarcasm, which makes the hour fly by.

    I also wasn’t too nervous or intimidated to have to go to barre3 4 times a week. It absolutely sounds intimidating when your fitness studio is asking you to work out with them at least 4 times during the week plus 1 online work out for 10 minutes each week. You probably freak out thinking about how busy you are or how sore your body will be. Luckily, I am a creature of habit. Once I am in a groove, it’s another part of my daily routine. I even ended up going about 5x per week to really make the most of the barre3 challenge.

    I always say I am not a competitive person, which is 100% true. But, that’s because I am a little too competitive with myself at at times. During the challenge, this really came in full force. I loved going to each class during January so I could continue to challenge myself and try new things in barre3. Whether it was taking my hands off the bar during seat work or doing a new modification that challenged me, it was an experience that focuses only on you and what you want to do. I was never comparing myself to other people or how many classes they went to, I just focused on challenging myself in each class. That’s what the point really is, right?

    If you haven’t done the barre3 Challenge yet, I encourage you to jump in and do it on your own time. The barre3 team is leaving the Challenge Hub live through the end of February. You’ll get access to it for free when you subscribe to barre3 Online. I was totally impressed when I looked at the online classes for the first time. They range from 10 to 60 minutes, and there are over 200 options. Plus there are recipes and it’s super affordable. A subscription starts at $10 a month (that’s a bargain, especially here in NYC!).

    Huge thank you to my barre3 family for kicking off 2016 the best way possible! Follow along #b365 to see how we barre3 all year around! 

    You can read more about barre3’s #b365 initiative and how to join the conversation on their Instagram account and blog starting Monday, February 1st – I cannot wait!

    xx, Rach

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  • Reply Ash Diamond January 27, 2016 at 11:01 am

    What a great recap! I’m definitely going to give the studio another chance, hopefully with you!! 🙂

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