• If 1 scoop protein for cookies n can eat all …

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    if 1 scoop protein for cookies n can eat all of it as post workout breakfast?

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    One Giant Paleo Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie (grain-free)
    I don’t have many of items
    so I have oat gluten free porridge . can i use it?
    I have almond flour .
    protein scoop
    baking powder
    maca powder
    coconut oil

    almond milk

    so all mix n make post workout cookie. then then with fat free greek yogurt n mixed fresh fruits ?

    Charred Veggies with Grilled Avocado (vegan + grain-free)
    uk don’t have that dressing so what can i do put stuff in my veggie as I have 3 over ripe avacodo n not use it due to fatty n try to lose weight .

    Paleo Double Chocolate Chip Banana Bread (vegan)
    I wonder same. I will try find oat flour. I have oat that’s for porridge . so can I use quaker oat porridge oat in this or must be flour type very soft?

    Easy Orange Chocolate Chip Cookies (v, gf)
    I don’t have orang3 can so can use orange extract ? wats weight gram for flours both please

    The Best Crispy Vegan Falafel

    sorry what’s weight in gram for all cup? I use weight scale in UK.