• These were so moist and delicious! Big hit with my …

    Comment on Chocolate Chunk Tahini Cookies (grain-free and vegan-friendly) by Tracy.

    These were so moist and delicious! Big hit with my friends who don’t have dietary restrictions. I also highly recommend putting one of these bad boys inside a S’more. SO dreamy!! Thanks for sharing another great recipe, Rachel!

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    Flourless Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Donuts
    Oh my goodness, these were incredible!! My friends couldn’t believe they were gluten free and dairy free. So simple to make, yet SO delicious. Thanks for another awesome recipe! I already can’t wait to make these again.

    Healthy Bakery Style Banana Spice Muffins (gluten-free)
    Made these today, and they’re delicious! Thanks for a great recipe, Rachel. As a note to others – be sure to blend together your wet ingredients relatively quickly after adding the coconut oil. I got sidetracked and waited a bit before mixing, only to find that the coconut oil had hardened in the bowl. I broke it up as much as I could, but as a result some of the oil seeped out of the bottom of the cupcake liners while baking. They still taste great, just likely not quite as moist as they would have been. So anyway, fantastic recipe, and lesson learned on my part! I’m sure I’ll nail it next time 🙂