fall internship

Internship is for academic credit and being Rachel’s BFF for a semester (or two!)

As you (hopefully) know, rachLmansfield is a healthy food & lifestyle blog. I am looking for someone to be my right hand man or woman for the Fall semester to help me with my various projects and initiatives. This role will be more of an “assistant” than the typical internship position. As rachLmansfield has continued to grow over the last few months, it is time to add another member to the small and mighty team. This position is not going to just be eating Justin’s peanut butter cups all day (although I can promise you will have plenty of them to devour) but I need someone who is dedicated, proactive and knows how to hustle. I work out of my studio apartment (ha, we will get cozy) and also various coffee shops and yummy places like Hu Kitchen. If you aren’t in NYC, no worries at all! I am open to a remote intern as well.

I get a lot of emails inquiring about if I am hiring and I want to make it clear that this is not a position to be taken lightly. I am very passionate about what I do. I want to only hire someone who I can trust, and who shares the same passion for making a difference in people’s lives with delicious and good-for-you food. I will teach you how to grow your own business and you can learn the in’s and out’s, the up’s and down’s and the hustle it takes everyday. 


  • Must be available at least 3 half days a week
  • Must be at least a Junior in college or older
  • Must have Social Media experience (particularly Facebook and Pinterest)
  • Must be familiar with photography (food and lifestyle)
  • Must have Photoshop and/or Lightroom experience
  • Must have a passion for Social Media
  • Plus: web development familiarity 
  • Plus: SEO knowledge
  • Plus: having a camera  


  • Research and flush out lists of different brands to partner with (food, lifestyle, fitness)
  • Writing brand outreach emails (most likely will not manage the relationship until I am comfortable)
  • Bi-weekly recipe development brainstorms and content planning for blog and social media
  • Schedule Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest posts ahead of time and maintain that calendar
  • Create and edit vertical Pinterest images
  • Edit photos of recipes for blog
  • Take photos of Rachel for lifestyle posts (if in NYC)
  • Submit rachLmansfield’s recipes to relevant food websites
  • Proofread and edit blog posts 

…and more to come

Email rachLmansfield@gmail.com with your resume, cover letter, Instagram handle and any relevant experience (food photography, etc.)

Please answer the following questions in your email as well:

  1. What is your favorite rachLmansfield recipe and why?
  2. What brands can you potentially see rachLmansfield partnering with and why?
  3. Send a sample email of how you’d pitch rachLmansfield to a brand for a potential collaboration