• Pomegranates, apples, walnuts…oh my. My favorite things!!! I could eat …

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    Pomegranates, apples, walnuts…oh my. My favorite things!!! I could eat them all by themselves but I GUESS I’ll throw them on some greens to make it even healthier….

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    Let’s Talk About Hormones, Adaptogens + My Story
    Girl we got off of birth control at the same time! I had only been taking in for about 6 months though – and I cried almost every week because I felt horrible for what I knew I was doing to my body (I didn’t think there was any other option). After working with Robyn & Cody and eating more, I finally saw a period in December, then January…and since then, not that much activity. A little light spotting for one day or so. It’s a work in progress! Keep me updated with how you are doing. <3

    Roasted Strawberry Yogurt Bowls with Coconut Granola (vegan)
    I seriously need to get on this roasted strawberries train. I’ve also been craving granola and yogurt bowls, so I’ll have to pick up some soy yogurt and try this ‘nola!

    5-ingredient Raw Maca Brownies
    You have me drooling over these!! I really need to get some maca powder. And I’m all about raw stuff right now because it is HELLA hot and ya girl does not want to turn on the oven.

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Stuffed Baked Banana Boats
    If only I could reach through my screen, then this banana would be long gone?

    Raw Carrot Cake Bars & Cashew Cream Frosting
    Dates are my ishhhh. Also, that frosting sounds amazeballs. Send me some!!