I Can Only Inspire You with My Food, Not Tell You What to Eat

June 25, 2017

    I can only inspire you with my food, not tell you what to eat.

    I can only inspire you with my food, not tell you what to eat
    Photo by Pura Soul Photography

    Wow that title felt good to type. And for the record, this post is something I should have written a long time ago.

    Let’s start with a little basics on where this is coming from. I created my instagram account and blog to share recipes made with real ingredients that actually taste good. I don’t want anyone to feel like they need to eat kale and only drink lemon spinach ginger concoctions to be “healthy” (whatever that means). I love sharing my recipes with you guys and my favorite products, wellness tips, etc. I love taking you along wherever my life takes me, and this is something I cherish and am so incredibly grateful for.

    But there is a fine line between showing others what I eat and the food I choose to eat versus telling someone else what they should eat. Or worse what they shouldn’t eat.

    I apologize if in anyway someone has perceived that from me through this outlet but it’s not my intention whatsoever. I am by no means an RD or Nutritionist. I’m not a fitness instructor or certified in something. No type of degree in food science, just a general BA from college. I am just a girl with a passion to eat food I love that makes me feel good and share it with whoever wants to see.

    I have never told someone to be a vegan or said that eating gluten and dairy free is the only way to be. I personally love living a label-less life where I am not set on eating one way. I don’t count my macros or track my fat intake. I don’t count calories or get caught up in that anymore. I read labels and am aware, but not obsessive.

    Sure there are times that I have stopped eating meat because I hated the taste or tried to limit gluten or dairy for hormonal issues. But this isn’t something I do with the objective to get everyone else eating the same way I do. That would be boring and I also can’t hold that kind of responsibility..

    But it is 100% my social responsibility to be aware of the impact I have on others through my blog and social media and not to lose sight of that. I know how impactful social media can be and that is why I am extremely particular about the content I put out there.

    What makes life so special is how unique all of us are. No two bodies are exactly the same and just because someone eats a certain way, that doesn’t mean we all need to follow.

    I have learned the hard way that comparing myself to others will do no good. I have tried doing the whole only eat one meal a day thing and then the snacking every two hours a day routine. But guess what? None of those worked for me. Yet I tried to make them work after seeing other people do that and hearing it will be great for me from others.

    I have also learned that my body needs substantial meals each day to function at my best and stabilize my blood sugar levels. And I need a balanced diet with fats, protein and carbs. Do I know how many? Nope no clue. But I don’t care. I am listening to my body and if its craving more fats one day than carbs, you better believe I am eating that way and I don’t second guess it. I eat what I love and what I crave.

    I don’t believe in “cheat meals” or splurging on something on weekends. That mentality doesn’t work for me personally but that doesn’t mean no one else can do it. I know plenty of people that say they splurge on the weekends and go out for pizza and ice cream and consider that their “cheat meal”. And that is great for them.

    But does that mean if Jordan wants to get pizza on a Wednesday I’d have to say no because it’s not my “cheat day”? Because that’s not happening for me. Having cheat meals and days I can eat junk whatever just doesn’t work for me, but if someone says they do this, I would never tell them not to. It’s great that we all follow our own path in wellness and life, that’s what keeps things exciting and each of us unique.

    I can only inspire you with my food, not tell you what to eat
    Photo by Pura Soul Photography

    I share my recipes and food with you not so you say “I am going to eat this because Rachel does” or “If Rachel eats this I have to eat it too”.

    I share my life with you so you can take what you want from it and modify to fit YOUR BODY and YOUR LIFE.

    I find many brands that sell amazing products that I eat, drink and use daily. I love sharing them with you and introducing them to you. But I don’t expect everyone to love all the same chocolate I do or enjoy going to the same workout classes. But I do hope that when someone sees me post about my favorite Equinox class they say “oh I will have to try that and see if I like it too”. I don’t expect someone to go and be miz in the class but still go every week just because I mentioned how much I enjoyed it.

    As my own brand and as a person, I want to inspire each of you, learn from each of you and work together so we can all be the best version of ourselves. Not so we can all be the same person because that would be boring af. I’m by no means perfect and continue evolve everyday.

    Eat what makes YOU feel good.

    Move in a way that works for YOUR body.

    Live a life that fuels YOU!

    Don’t mimic and do whatever else is doing. Follow your gut. Learn from your community but in the end, no one will know you better than yourself.

    I hope to inspire and connect with this community and we can grow together and continue to learn from one another.

    xx, Rach

    I love seeing you what you make my recipes!
    Don’t forget to use the hashtag @rachLmansfield and #rachLeats on instagram!

    21 Responses

    1. Awesome! I feel like some people make things so black and white and it makes me nervous for the people who may be reading or watching. I understand it’s everyone’s responsibility how they interpret information, but I think as people putting out that info, it’s somewhat on our shoulders as well.

      I’m glad you started eating meat again when you wanted it and didn’t make any apologies haha. Meat is delicious (I wish I could insert emojis in here, then it would be a laughing cry face). 🙂

    2. Yay! This is just what we all needed! There’s a really fine line with what to eat and what not to eat and eating a certain way because someone else does or someone told you to. Especially since social media has grown so huge. My background is similar: I started diets and ate according to what some girl with a 6-pack told me I should eat. And I was miserable. We have to do what works for us and what makes our bodies feel good. I loved this post!!

    3. Thanks for sharing! Such good wisdom. Each bod is different. And our paths to wellness are all different. Respecting our differences and being inspired by each other is what it’s all about!

    4. Amen! I’ve been feeling very very stuck in the comparison trap and feeling so crappy about myself because I wasn’t doing xyz….enough already! So glad you were able to just flow and be yourself. I love seeing what you’re eating for my own inspiration, but I can see how others could take your word as gold. You’re right….one person’s body isn’t the same as anyone else’s. So, what works for you doesn’t always work for me. I took a barre3 class (I’m an instructor in training what what?!?!!) and it was so powerful to listen to my body and do what it needs rather than how I used to be–comparing myself to everyone else and pushing my body beyond its limits. I’d always be the one doing the max work…the hardest pose…just to prove to everyone else I was a badass. Now, I know being a badass is following your own heart….and listening to your own body. I’ve enjoyed following your journey (I’m new here…just began following you since you began eating meat again)….and am thankful you’re you!! Keep going girl….I’m cheering you all the way!!

    5. You are so fun and confident that it is no wonder many look to you and want to replicate what you do. I love seeing the different products you try out, the dishes you cook, and the places you go. For me, all of that just provides ideas and inspiration. Still, it’s awesome of you to be so in touch with your readers to even write this post. Keep being you and I’ll keep being me (and drooling over your enticing food photos) 😉

    6. Thanks for being so open Rachel! One reason I love your blog. I’m finally starting to see that it’s best to get in tune with your own body and stop the comparisons. It’s so liberating and makes life much more enjoyable!

    7. Just wanted to let you know one of the victorias secret angels, romee follows you! I also love how much your blog helps me with new ideas for recipes and just a healthy lifestyle.

    8. Awesome post Rachel! So true, you have a lot of influence over the general instagrammers and folllowers and NO two bodies are alike! Even as an RD myself I have to remind people that not every specific food/workout/eating pattern is best for everyone, it’s extremely individualized. Love following you! Keep inspiring!

    9. Yes to this! Between you, Alexis (hummusapien), Robyn (reallifeRD), and Kylie (immaeatthat) you ladies are so inspiring to me. Living label-free is the best decision I’ve made because I truly believe that in order to live a “healthy” life, no food should be off limits (unless, of course, for medical reasons). Keep on doing you, girl.


    10. This is so good Rachel. Thank you for being so honest and transparent, for saying this, and being so kind about the way that you share food with others, but I definitely don’t feel any pressure from you about eating. I just love that you share so much beautiful food.

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