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    My Favorite Pancake Recipes

    PAANNCAKKES! I mean who doesn’t absolutely love the carb loaded breakfast treat that satisfies our bellies and hearts? Not to mention the endless possibilities there are for pancake recipes these days. Every time I look at Instagram or stalk one of my favorite blogs, I am always stumbling upon new ways to make pancakes. There is your classic stack of pancakes, vegan pancakes, gluten free pancakes, OATMEAL pancakes, paleo pancakes.. you get the point.

    You can literally sit on Pinterest for 10 hours stalking every possible way to make pancakes and maybe even created a “pancakes” board (or maybe that’s just me).

    To help make your lives easier and introduce some more flavorful ways for us to make pancakes, I am sharing some of my favorite pancake recipes from some of my absolute FAVE bloggers in the blog world.

    Okay, ready, set, PANCAKES!

    Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes


    It shouldn’t really come as a surprise that the first pancake recipe I’m sharing has oatmeal in it but come on, these Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes from Minimalist Baker are DREAMY! Look the chocolate just oozing out of those pancakes and the fluff factor is on point. It also shouldn’t be a surprise that Minimalist Baker is on this list, she is the queen of vegan, one bowl recipes and I actually stalk her blog on the reg. Dana also has about 10+ other delicious pancake recipes on her blog that are so creative, food porn heaven and all around awesome.

    Simple Carrot Pecan Pancakes

    Carrot Pecan pancakes

    My sweet Addie made these Simple Carrot Pecan Pancakes using my favorite mix from Simple Mills. I talk about my love for Simple Mills quite often (here and here) but Addie NAILED IT with these pancakes. The creativity, the flavor burst and the most gorgeous fall colored pancakes I’ve ever seen. Addie is one of my most favorite people on this planet, we talk probably the entire day, every single day. I like to call her the little sister I always wanted. She is so special and you should totally check out her Instagram and blog, because she’s so talented! Love ya Ad xx

    Cake Batter Pancakes


    These Cake Batter Pancakes from How Sweet Eats are AMAZING. Jessica of How Sweet Eats is SUCH an inspiration to me. Jessica’s bubbly-fun-loving voice on her blog and social media and drool worthy recipes are always my favorite to read. I have learned so much about photography and recipes just by reading her blog and following along her journey. She has built such a food empire and I admire what she has built and all that she offers her readers.

    Granola Stuffed Peach Pancakesgranola stuffed peach pancakes

    Granola STUFFED Peach Pancakes, like what? Pinch me because these are the most dreamy pancakes I have ever seen. Of course my G from In It 4 the Long Run is the creator of this perfect stack. In case you don’t know I have the pleasure of being this creative mastermind’s boss, which is comical since she continues to teach me so much each and every day we work together. Her endless food photography skills and recipe creations never cease to amaze me. Check out G’s (well it’s Georgie but I call her G) gorgeous Instagram.

    Chocolate Chia Chai PancakesChoc-Chai-pancakes

    I can’t not laugh when I think about Twist of Lemon’s Katie. Besides making these Chocolate Chia Chai Pancakes that I’m actually drooling over, this chick is the punniest person on this planet. I’ve never met someone who actually makes me laugh 24/7 and the sad part is that it’s all via social media. Katie has such a unique voice and her Instagram posts and blog are always on point. I can only dream to laugh with this chick in person one day.

    Easy Vegan Banana PancakesBanana Pancakes

    I mean, is that not the most beautiful picture of Vegan Banana Pancakes you have ever seen? Whole Living Lauren caught my eye with the title “Easy Vegan Banana Pancakes”.  This recipe can most definitely be on your breakfast rotation (along with most of Lauren’s recipes!). These pancakes are not only vegan but they only call for a few easy ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen so I HIGHLY recommend making these gems.

    Decadent Tiramisu PancakesDecadent-Tiramisu-Pancakes

    Nope you’re not going crazy, you are seeing double over at A Double Dose. Alexis and Samantha are identical twins, creators of 2 of my favorite products (Simply Stacked and Double Dose Bakery) and two Instagram sweet hearts! They recently made these Decadent Tiramisu Pancakes and I have been SO intrigued since. I mean how unique and amazing do these sound? And it doesn’t end here, everything these two make and post about are always a favorite of mine.

    I could have shared way too many more pancake recipes but that’s all for now. I hope you enjoy and check out some of these delicious pancakes!

    xx, Rach

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  • Reply Katie October 1, 2015 at 9:34 pm

    Literally pan(cake)ting because I’m breathless from being so flattered / loving this whole post. One day we shall meet and break bread together (and by that I mean guzzle wine…)

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    • Reply Rachel October 3, 2015 at 12:57 pm

      You actually KILL me. How could I not include you in this? Come to NYC so we can feast on pancakes, oats, nut butter, vodka, wine and like maybe some justins peanut butter cups 🙂 xx

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