My Simple Tips + Advice for Growing Healthy Hair

July 5, 2017

    My simple tips + advice for growing healthy hairtips for growing healthy hair

    I have spoken about my hair routine and random tips here and there but I am excited to finally put it all in one consolidated place on the blog for you guys.

    It is still pretty mind boggling to me that people come to me for hair advice since I was the one googling “food for healthy hair” and “how to make your hair grow fast” for a solid ten years.

    Yes, ten years it took me to get my “dream” hair and figure out what works for me and what doesn’t make an impact on my hair.  In fact at my birthday happy hour a couple weeks ago my best friend said to me, “can we take a moment to appreciate how far your hair has come this year?” I was hysterical. And by no means do I think my hair is perfect but I must say it has come a long way in the past two or so years and I finally am a bit more comfortable sharing my advice with you. Since I actually think it works and I want to share my hair secrets with everyone because I totally get it. I get the hair stress and I am here to help you guys as much as I can with my simple tips and advice.

    The best part about these tips is that there is nothing fancy or ridiculously expensive involved. These are all basic things that anyone can do on a budget. And I do recommend each tip as they have all made an impact for me.

    So let’s get to it.

    I take vitamins..

    First things first, I take vitamins. And no, I don’t take like 12 different ones at once to grow my hair. It took me a really long time to finally find the daily vitamin (singular) that works and makes a huge difference. Garden of Life once daily prenatal is AMAZING. It has worked wonders for me and I have been taking it now for about a year. I pretty much forgot prenatal is even in the name since I take it for hair growth. I love these vitamins because you only take it once a day and I see results.

    I take collagen peptides..

    This should come as no surprise since I post about Vital Proteins on the reg, but collagen peptides have done wonders for my hair skin + nails. I add it to my smoothie bowls, hot water, tea, anything! I find it works best with hot beverages since it absorbs easier in the liquid than cold but anything works! And any of their varieties are great.

    I don’t wash my hair like…ever

    Obviously I am kidding but seriously, stop washing your hair so much. I have been helping people oil train their hair since college. This doesn’t happen overnight you guys. I didn’t go from washing my hair every single day to not washing it for a week. That isn’t how you train your hair.. pace yourself. Start off by washing it every other day. Then in a couple weeks wash it every two days and so on. There are people that really can’t go longer than 4 days without washing and that is OK. The point here is to let my hair absorb it’s natural oils and since I don’t have oily skin, I can really get away with every 5-7 days. I’m not a crazy person about it though. There are some weeks I wash it 3x in a week. I’d rather go out in public not looking like a greaseball and sometimes a top bun just doesn’t work. If you are someone who sweats like crazy and takes spin class or runs in the heat and your hair looks like you showered after a workout, I really don’t think this is an option for you. I would plan my workouts around my hair but I am also crazy. My favorite shampoo is linked here.

    I carry alligator clips everywhere I go..

    It is hilarious to me that I am known for my pink alligator clips now. Those clips don’t leave my side. They are the KEY to keep my hair in shape when I workout, sleep, anything. I buy them online and they are a game changer. They don’t leave a crease in my hair like hair tie’s do and they don’t pull on your hair and cause breakage. I sleep with my hair in a big bun on the top of my head and use the clip to secure it. Then when I workout I either do a low or a high bun with the clip too. It doesn’t always stay perfectly but whatever, I leave my workout and my hair is still in decent shape. They are SO key for all of my friends out there who don’t want to wash their hair and preserve a blow out. These ones are the best quality.

    I eat a well rounded diet..

    This really shouldn’t come as a surprise but my diet has made a huge difference with my hair. Back in the day when I feared a piece of bread and fat, I was basically going bald (seriously you can ask Jord or my Mom). My hair was a strand of hay. I eat a crap load of fat, protein AND carbs. I do think that the healthy fats and protein play a huge role but I am not a nutritionist so please don’t take that and run with it, consult a professional first. I eat a lot of avocado everything, coconut everything, meat and fish, eggs, whole grains, nuts, etc. I don’t eat processed crap and I rarely eat refined sugar when I am doing the cooking or baking.

    I don’t cut my hair often..

    I fear getting a haircut more than going to the damn dentist. That place raises my cortisol levels like no other. I’m the annoying one who is like “can you cut off a quarter of an inch?” Like ok Rachel, why are you even here… I probably get a haircut twice a year and I go when I basically fried off the ends with my curling wand and can’t hide it anymore. I can tell you to limit hot tools for haircare but that is common sense. It is also BS for me since I blow dry and wand my hair so I would be a hypocrite to say I limited hot tools.

    I use hair mask once a week..

    Speaking of hot tools, since I use them often I do make sure I do a weekly hair mask. Either coconut oil, blue tansy oil (my most recent favorite sold herecode RACHL for free lip balms with orders!) or this one works really well too. For coconut oil, put some on your ends and then wrap your hair in a bun secured by your alligator clip. Go to sleep or run errands, etc. Leave it in for at least 2 hours (I like to like it marinate) then double shampoo that ISH and get it out. When I don’t have time to coconut oil, I use this mask because it requires less work and only takes 5 minutes to work its magic and it really does an amazing job. I use it instead of conditioner during that wash.

    For blue tansy (code RACHL) oil, there is a lot less maintenance involved. It doesn’t make your hair as greasy and it also isn’t as noticeable. I wear it in my hair for days. I just add it to the ends and either wear it up or braid it. And even when it is down, you can’t tell! I also like that you don’t have to use as much shampoo as when you wash out coconut oil. I’ve been using blue tansy for about a month now and am obsessed! Add it in as often as you’d like. I do it about once a week but leave in for a couple days.

    I rinse my hair in cold water..

    To help preserve my blowout and keep my hair from looking fried and dull, I always do the final rinse in the shower in COLD water. Doesn’t need to be ice cold but cooler the better. This helps it keep that shine and lock in the fresh locks you just washed. I stand outside the shower and do it too when it is cold out.

    I don’t use dry shampoo..

    I am probably only of the only people I know who doesn’t like dry shampoo but it does not work for me. It causes build up and in all honesty, does not work for my hair. I do use a baby powder that I love and it helps absorb the oils. I highly recommend it! Plus it is more versatile than dry shampoo and will have other uses.

    So that’s it friends. I hope this was helpful for you guys and if you have any questions or things you’d like me to add feel free. Happy to provide as much haircare wisdom as this frizzy brown hair wannabe barbie can (jk on the wannabe barbie part.) I do ask that you remember everyone is DIFFERENT though so what works for me may not 100% work for you. Take my advice and do what you please. I by no means am a hair expert.

    My go to hair products: wand, alligator clip shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, blue tansy oil (code RACHL), coconut oil, blow dryer, vitamins

    xx, Rach

    I love seeing you what you make my recipes!
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    16 Responses

    1. Thanks for the informative post! What are your thoughts on keratin treatments? I’m growing out a pixie and I have very thick, curly hair. I recently got a keratin treatment to get through an awkward stage, but I’m not sure I should keep doing it as it grows out. Thanks! 🙂

    2. These are some good tips. I need to keep doing my collagen. i’m thankful we’ve been given so many different amazing natural oils in our hair, and after puberty I realized that I didn’t have to wash my hair every day. You were actually a huge inspiration to start trying not washing it every day or even every other day. Last week was the first time I washed it once in a week, and it didn’t really get greasy. I was shocked! 🙂 And thank you for the tip of rinsing in cold water. I’ve heard one person say that, but now that you said that I need to to do that.

    3. I’ve been hunting for a good prenatal vitamin. I’ve heard that it is loaded with nutrition that non-pregnant women can still benefit from. Definitely checking out that brand! I also used to do the cold rinse trick and somehow I’ve fallen off that bandwagon. Thanks for the reminder. I appreciate you sharing what works for your hair. If I may, I would like to request a follow up post all about skin 🙂 Your face is so smooth and blemish-free. You also go sans makeup most of the time so I am dying to know your facial beauty regimen, too! xoxo

    4. How many times do you wash your hair after coconut oil mask? They are remaining oily after such masks for a long time ((. Maybe I do something wrong?

    5. This article on growing healthy hair is really interesting. I like the point about eating a well-rounded diet as this is essential for growing healthy looking hair, and perhaps not a tip many women think about when caring for their hair. Overall, each point within this article shows good knowledge and will provide lots of useful information to many women who need hair care advice.

    6. Hi Rachel!
      Do you straighten your hair or how do you get it so straight with naturally thick and curly hair? I straighten but realize that its having really bad effects on my hair (hair loss, etc.). What is your experience with getting it straight and tamed? Thanks for your recommendations!! xx

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