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    Comment on My Simple Tips + Advice for Growing Healthy Hair by Melanie.

    I’ve been hunting for a good prenatal vitamin. I’ve heard that it is loaded with nutrition that non-pregnant women can still benefit from. Definitely checking out that brand! I also used to do the cold rinse trick and somehow I’ve fallen off that bandwagon. Thanks for the reminder. I appreciate you sharing what works for your hair. If I may, I would like to request a follow up post all about skin 🙂 Your face is so smooth and blemish-free. You also go sans makeup most of the time so I am dying to know your facial beauty regimen, too! xoxo

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    Vegan Cinnamon Roll Banana Bread (gluten-free + nut-free)
    I wish I could’ve taken a picture for Instagram but even that would not have conveyed the yumminess that is this bread! Thank you for this amazing recipe! This tastes as close to traditional cinnamon swirl bread as possible. My only alteration was using banana instead of applesauce for the swirl mix. And ohhh boy was that good! 😍 I even shared it with non-vegan/gf eaters and they gave me a thumbs up! This is my new go-to banana bread!♥♥♥

    30-minute Banana Bread Cinnamon Rolls (gluten-free)
    I made these using Bob’s Red Mill gluten free baking flour for this recipe (and subbed 1/2 cup with vegan protein powder). The dough ended up needing about 3 1/2 additional tablespoons of milk because it looked too dry. I would also recommend adding another 1-2 more tablespoons of sweetener so that the dough has a bit more flavor. I will say that the filling is amazing. I used vegan butter instead of the yogurt product listed and I can attest to the filling being very much like Cinnabon! So yum! They’re cooling right now so I can’t wait to eat these.

    Best of 2018 on the Blog + What’s to Come in 2019
    I LOVE reading these year in review sort of posts. It makes me smile to read that you consider 2018 to have been your best year yet despite all of the hormones and infertility struggles you went through for nearly half of it! I would say this past year has been one of my hardest yet but you’ve encouraged me to look at all of the growth that occurred.
    You’ve been hot on the recipe game–so much so that I don’t think a month has gone by where I haven’t made AT LEAST one of your recipes. I’m just wondering where the crispy baked avocado fries and the doughy chocolate chip cookie pizza are?! Those are certainly at the top of my Rachel recipe favorites list for the year!
    Lots of love to you! I’m excited to continue following along with your food and the woman behind the yum ♥

    4-ingredient Paleo Sweet Potato Hash Brown Cakes
    I’ve seen those sweet potato hash browns in your breakfast sandwich posts and they always look so good! I’m so glad you created a homemade version. I can’t wait to try these!

    Loaded Guacamole Baked Sweet Potato Fries (gluten + dairy-free)
    Yay! I’ve been waiting to see what you’d cook up post-vacation! These loaded fries look perfectly indulgent! I also appreciate the link the the veggie scrub brush– I’ve been looking for one!