These are currently in my fridge chilling. I tasted the …

February 24, 2020

    Comment on No-Bake Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecakes (vegan) by Marisa.

    These are currently in my fridge chilling. I tasted the filling and OMGEE YUM!I am so excited! 🙂 These are my valentine’s day treat for my pb-loving hubby! Thanks for being so creative and sharing this recipe, Rachel!

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    No-Bake Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecakes (vegan)
    Rachel, these are amazing! My hubby loves them too. They taste even better the next day! Thanks again!

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    No-Bake Cacao Chip Peanut Butter Fudge Cookie Balls (no added sugar)
    Ditto, Rach! I use the same food processor, and a little extra pb went a long way. Super yum though! xo

    My Body Story & Relationship with Food: We All Have One
    Rachel, I can SO relate to this. Your story is so similar to mine, almost identical. I 100% have had to be on defense around others who mock what I eat. I used to fire it right back, but now I just respond that food is a personal choice and if chia seed pudding makes me glow in the morning, I am going to keep eating it. I really don’t care if you think it looks or sounds funny! 🙂 It still happens somedays (especially in the work environment), and even more so if you are in a random city in the mid-west (people are still learning how to pronounce quinoa), but the more you educate them on the WHY, the more understanding of it all they are, or so hope. Your blog is amazing and so are YOU. Keep up, gorgeous! xoxo

    Spring Veggie Pizza with Almond Flour Crust (grain & dairy-free)
    Tried and tested! So yum! Will definitely make again! The only tip I would give to others is to wet with a little bit of water whatever it is you are using to roll out the dough. It can be a bit sticky, but the little bit of water fights the stickiness effortlessly. We topped ours with some high quality pizza sauce, uncured pepperoni, and a TON of organic mozzarella cheese! Thanks for sharing, Rachel!

    Raw Carrot Cake Bars & Cashew Cream Frosting
    These bars are fantastic! I used a bit too many carrots accidentally, so my crust was much more moist than expected, so these required a fork to eat. Either way so good and I will definitely make again. I served these with salted caramel gelato (!!!) and my hubby and I were in dessert heaven! He doesn’t like coconut, so I just used that as a topping on my own bars rather than mixing it in the batter. Thanks, Rachel!

    Almond Butter & Jelly Breakfast Bars
    Another one of your recipes in the books! These bars are so, so, so good!!! I used Kirkland brand almond butter and it turned out great. I’ve never made my own jam before (genius!), and I will never buy store-bought again. So easy, so clean, and so yum. I’m trying your turmeric falafels this week for dinner! Thank you, Rachel!

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