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Episode 21

Q+A With Alisa Vitti On All Things Birth Control Pill, Supplements, Female Hormones + More In Part Two

#21: In this episode, we continue our chat from last week with Alisa Vitti.

If you haven’t listened to Part One with Alisa, I highly recommend listening to that before this episode. Alisa walks us through cycle syncing 101, teaches us how to optimize our hormones and really all parts of our lives during each phase of the month. In this episode we have more of a Q+A format from the questions you guys sent in on Instagram. Don’t forget to order both of Alisa’s books: In the flo + Woman Code. They are like bibles to me.

A preview of what we dive into in today’s episode:

  1. What supplements can you use to regulate a cycle? This the only maca brand Alisa recommends.
  2. How you can increase estrogen and progesterone naturally? Linking to the Vitex here.
  3. What are your thoughts on taking syndicated hormones such as progesterone to bring on a period?
  4. What are the best methods of contraception + what are your thoughts on IUDs?
  5. How to transition off the pill safely and how to talk to her doctor. Flo living guide
  6. What are your tips for postpartum and how to prepare? Books Alisa recommends: Fourth trimester book and 90 days book
  7. What does spotting between periods mean?
  8. What do the different colors of our period means?
  9. What are your tips for migraines during your menstrual cycle?
  10. How can you cure chronic yeast infections?
  11. Does seed cycling really work?
  12. What are your tips for follicle growth and what supplement you and your partner should be taking. This is the Coq10  I take

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