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Episode 58

Courtney Schreiber – Founder of Brow Eyed Girl On All Things Eye Brows, Microblading + Permanent Make Up

#58: In this episode, we are chatting with the Founder of Brow Eyed Girl, Courtney Schreiber!

Courtney is the go-to for all things eye brows, permanent make up and she is FULL of knowledge about micro blading, lash lifts and tints and more.

A preview of what we dive into in today’s episode:

  1. The world of permanent make up
  2. What exact is microblading? Should you get it?
  3. How your eye brows define your face
  4. How to know what kind of brows are good for you?
  5. What are powdered brows?
  6. Who was the first person to start talking bout microblading and make it “trendy” and popular?
  7. What to do if you have thin eye brows
  8. How many times you can get your brows microbladed
  9. What brow serums to try to promote hair growth
  10. The details on a lash lift and what that is
  11. What men can also do for their brows
  12. Everything you need to know about permanent make up on your lips
  13. How to find a brow expert by you

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