Savory Breakfast Tacos + Coconut “Cream Cheese”




  1. Coconut “Cream Cheese”:
  2. Using a can opener, open the coconut milk can and scoop out solids into a medium-sized bowl (leave liquid in can, we may use)
  3. Let the solids sit for about 5 minutes to soften a bit
  4. Add garlic powder, nutritional yeast, salt and pepper and lemon to bowl and whisk with hand mixer until fluffy for about 3 minutes (if not softening, add just a tiny bit of the coconut water from the can)
  5. Once cream cheese is fluffy and mixed well, pour into a tupperware of choice and leave in fridge for about 5 days
  6. Breakfast Tacos:
  7. Grease a cast-iron or medium-sized pan and turn to medium/high heat
  8. Crack two eggs onto the pan and turn the heat down to LOW and cook for about 3 minutes so the egg white is cooked but the egg yolk is going to stay runny
  9. Meanwhile, heat tortillas how you prefer and add to plate and add avocado, lox and spinach
  10. Add eggs on top then add cream cheese!
  11. Enjoy immediately!