• YUM! I love macro bowls for lunches so I’ll have …

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    YUM! I love macro bowls for lunches so I’ll have to try this out! I’ve had one with polenta and chickpeas that was delicious.

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    The Essentials for Healthy Hair
    I have always dreamed of having super long healthy hair too. My roommate has the BEST long locks since she never died her hair growing up and it’s natural thick and straight. Mine on the other hand is much more thin and starts to break when it hits a certain length. After I stopped washing it as much and dying it, it finally started getting healthier. I have to try that coconut mask though! I need some shine back.

    Banana Split Overnight Oats
    I can’t wait to try this! I eat bananas every single day too. I have one in my oatmeal, smoothie, or on toast with some peanut butter. I get horrible leg cramps from running so they are pretty much a staple in my diet.

    Flourless Chocolate Raspberry Pancakes
    I could really use a plate of these pancakes right about now, they look gorgeous! I love having chocolate chips or nut butter over my pancakes with fresh fruit šŸ™‚

    5-ingredient Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard (DF & GF)
    OMG this looks SO good (and it’s only 7am in California haha). I am definitely going to make this peanut butter chocolatey goodness in my Nutribullet ASAP.

    Honey Maca Cookies (Guest Blogger, Shut the Kale Up)
    Yum! I’ve never had maca but I never say no to cookies šŸ™‚ These look awesome!