My Favorite Time of the Year – B3 All In

Happy Holidays, friends! I hope you all had an amazing week filled with all the cookies, brownies and family & friend time we all need. I personally had an amazing week with J, my family and some friends. I attempted to “take off” for 5 days and not check email. That sadly lasted about 36 […]

barre3 Challenge – January

barre3 Challenge: January 4th – 31st barre3 Challenge: January 4th – 31st A couple weeks ago I mentioned how barre3 was one of my favorite workouts here in NYC. I kid you not when I say I was never really into working out until this past May and I owe a lot of that to […]

Mini Moon to NorCal (Part Two)

Hi friends! Hope you enjoyed reading my way too long post about San Fran on Mini Moon in NorCal (Part One). This post is dedicated to our 4 amazing days in Napa. After a ton of research about Napa and where to stay, we decided on Hotel Yountville and we are so happy we did! It was absolutely […]