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Episode 34

Lisa Hayim RD – Overcoming Food Fears, Ditching The Scale + Disordered Eating

#34: In this episode, I am chatting with one of most favorite people on the plant, Lisa Hayim.

Lisa Hayim is an amazing Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist who is on a mission to help everyone fork the noise. Lisa is an expert at helping others overcome food fears and live their lives without that annoying voice in our heads saying “eat this” and “don’t eat this”.

A preview of what we dive into in today’s episode:

Lisa and I dive into our own personal journeys with disordered eating and how we approach our relationships with food today. Lisa also shares tips on how to handle people’s comments about your body and how to not let other people impact how your relationship with food and yourself. We also dive into handling the holidays and why the beep it is so silly to not eat all day before a holiday meal or “big” dinner. We touch on getting rid of the scale and what the deal is with this high fiber diet and all the chatter around it.

For more from Lisa, head on over to @lisahayim and her website.

For more from me, I’m over on IG @rachLmansfield, tiktok @rachLmansfield and

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