About Me

About Me


hi friends! welcome to my little corner here on the internet clouds. if you are a fan of cooking and baking with just the good stuff and a bit of bubba spam here and there – you came to the right place! especially if you have a love for all things banana bread.

I am currently in my late-twenties living just outside of manhattan in hoboken with my husband, jordan and our son, ezra! after struggling to conceive for a couple of years, we are so grateful to have ezra in our lives.

i am here to create delicious recipes made with ‘just the good stuff’. i want everyone to feel like healthy and delicious food is at their fingertips and is only a quick recipe away. i never want anyone to sacrifice flavor in the food to feel ‘healthy’. that word is a bit overrated and there are many things we can eat to truly feel our besides besides vegetables (hello, have you made my paleo brownie bread yet?)

all of my recipes require just the good stuff. minimal amounts of ingredients, very little prep work and basic cooking skills. you will also notice my recipes are made with real food. no artificial ingredients and i want us to fuel our bodies with simple and really ingredients.. you know – the good stuff (one of the many ways to sneak in mentions of my first ever cookbook, Just the Good Stuff, that is now available for pre-order!)

many of my recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free, free of refined sugars and i make a variety of both plant-based recipes and recipes for my carnivore friends. food for all! i personally eat anything and everything wholesome and delicious and what my body is craving.

life is too short not to enjoy pizza with your family and friends and a few classic sea salt chocolate chip cookies from the bakery around the corner.

you will also find recipes that the entire family will enjoy. many ezra-friendly eats as i like to say ‘baby are human too’. we can all eat these recipes together!

i am not a certified nutritionist or RD, just a girl who has a passion to fuel her body with some good tasting food and share it along the way in addition to many of my personal success and failures. anyone remember that time i was fired from my full-time job before blogging?!

can’t wait tot connect with you! thanks for coming on by.

About Me