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Hi, I’m Rachel!

I am so glad you’re here! 8 years ago I started sharing recipes for anyone and everyone. Here on my blog, you will find tons of gluten-free, dairy-free and allergen-friendly recipes that will satisfy your cravings and feed you and your family!

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  • DAY 2 of 7 DAYS OF HEALTHY BREAKFAST IDEAS!🍳🥓🧀today we are making my HIGH-PROTEIN FRITTATA SQUARES!!! two of my little ones love eggs and my husband is currently trying to eat a pound of protein for his body weight so we go through lotsssss of eggs. these frittata squares are a fam favorite for meal prep and you can really toss in any veggies or mix-ins you want. i love doing zucchini, turkey bacon and cheddar cheese🥑

*SAVE* this recipe and comment “EGGS” and i’ll message you how to make these. they’re great to add to freezer too if you’re looking to stock up on healthy recipes💯

turkey bacon 
almond flour 
olive oil or avocado oil

COMMENT “EGGS” and i’ll DM you how to make these. or head on over to:

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  • DAY 1 OF 7 DAYS OF HEALTHY BREAKFAST IDEAS! day 1 we are making my COTTAGE CHEESE BANANA BREAD!🍪🍞don’t knock it until you try it because woowwww the texture this adds to the banana bread is👌🏻the cottage cheese.also adds some extra protein to the loaf too. this is a great grab and go recipe too and you only need a few ingredients to make it

*SAVE* this recipe to try soon and comment “BANANA” and ill message you how to try this! next time you have ripe bananas give this a whirl. it is too good and gluten-free and grain-free too.

maple syrup 
cottage cheese🧀
vanilla extract
almond flour 
baking soda 
mix ins! like🍫🫐

COMMENT “BANANA” and i’ll DM you how to make this. or head on over to:

don’t forget to follow for more recipe ideas💫
#rachleats #bananabread #cottagecheese #glutenfreerecipes #glutenfree #healthyfood #healthyrecipes #easyrecipes #breakfastideas #breakfasttime #wholefoods #feedfeed #highproteinmeals #highprotein
  • CAPRESE STUFFED AVOCADOS!🥑🍅looking for a 10 minute appetizer?! or even a light lunch or side dish - say hello to these avocado boats. with my husband being gf, i’m always trying to think of new ways to enjoy his favorites but with a twist. these avocados stuffed with caprese salad are SO good! 

*SAVE* this recipe to try soon and comment “AVOCADO” and i’ll message you how to make them. my kids also loved these.. really the cheese but they are always a hit👌🏻

ripe avocados 
mozzarella cheese balls
fresh basil 
balsamic vinegar 
extra virgin olive oil 
sea salt and black pepper

COMMENT “AVOCADO” and i’ll DM you how to make these. i can’t wait for you to try them❤️

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  • THIS WEEKS’S MEAL IDEAS!!! here are 6 recipes that are a mix of everything and my go-to pesto to get veggies in for everyone in my house!!! each week i love to map out 4 dinner ideas for the week so we can grocery shop more efficiently and don’t have to think about what’s for dinner. plus a breakfast and dessert because tbh its my favorite part😆

these recipes get sent out to my newsletter every sunday at 7am too. you can find each of these recipes on my website or by googling “rachlmansfield recipe name”
1. kale pesto pasta - like a trader joe’s copycat vegan kale pesto 
2.  high protein turkey enchiladas
3. chicken shawarma meatballs
4. grill-pan chimichurri steak tacos 
5. blender banana bread
6. frozen s’mores 

COMMENT “MEALS” and i’ll message you the link to sign up for our free newsletter each week❤️
#rachleats #mealplan #mealprepping #glutenfree #glutenfreerecipes #healthylifestyle #healthyfood #healthyrecipes #feedfeed #wholefoods
  • FROZEN S’MORES! think: ice cream sandwiches meets s’mores with these😍sandwich your favorite graham crackers between cool whip topping and chocolate pudding - freeze it then slice into individual “s’mores” and devour👌🏻

*SAVE* this recipe to try this summer and comment “SMORES” and i’ll message you the recipe. you can keep them in the freezer and serve for BBQs, parties or have after a long day of chasing your toddlers like i am right now😅tag your friend in the comments who would love these. oh - and they’re gf and vegan-friendly👀

graham crackers (i used gluten-free ones @partakefoods makes my favorite ones!)
cool whipped topping (can be regular or dairy-free)
chocolate pudding (instant mix or homemade chocolate pudding both work!)

COMMENT “SMORES” and i’ll DM you how to make these. or head to

don’t forget to follow for more recipe ideas💫
#rachleats #frozensmore #frozensmores #smores #glutenfree #glutenfreerecipes #dessertlover #desserttable #veganfood #easyrecipes #healthyrecipes
  • RASPBERRY YOGURT CLUSTERS with a crunch and chocolate and peanut butter because ya girl knows how to satisfy a sweet tooth but also add some protein in the mix. these greek yogurt clusters are a hit in my house. i love how easily these come together and they have no added sugar besides the chocolate. i add a dollop of peanut butter and i mix in some of the day dream mix granola from @sevensundayscereal for a crunch! code RACHL30 for 30% off their entire site!!

*SAVE* this recipe to try and comment “CLUSTERS” and i’ll message you how to make these. they’re gluten-free and my kids loveee them too

greek yogurt
seven sundays granola
peanut butter
chocolate chips

COMMENT “CLUSTERS” and I’ll DM you how to slow these. i hope you love them too❤️

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