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Hi, I’m Rachel!

I am so glad you’re here! 8 years ago I started sharing recipes for anyone and everyone. Here on my blog, you will find tons of gluten-free, dairy-free and allergen-friendly recipes that will satisfy your cravings and feed you and your family!

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  • best idea i ever got from social media - SNACKLE BOX!🤭👌🏻plus my 5 year old told me i was the “best mom ever” when i served one of these for him and his friends!!! it is perfect for parties, play dates, snacks on the go and it’s under $20!

COMMENT “SNACKS” and i’ll message you the link to this exact one. and some of the snacks i filled it with. the chocolate peanuts are my jaaaammm💯
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  • @rachlmansfield 💫DAY 3 OF 7 DAYS OF HEALTHY DINNERS THAT AREN’T BORING! day 3 we are making my MONGOLIAN BEEF NOODLE BOWLS! it really doesn’t get easier than this 20 minute dinner guys. and it is quicker than take out, made with healthier ingredients and this has officially earned a spot on the dinner rotation in our house. i still remember when i first made this and my husband thought it was from a restaurant (hellllooo winner!). i use rice noodles to keep this gluten-free and it is a great dairy-free, nut-free option too💯

*SAVE* this recipe to try soon and comment “NOODLES” and i’ll message you how to make these. they’re foolproof and i can promise you that you can make these too👌🏻

rice noodles 
ground beef 
garlic cloves 
ground ginger 
coconut aminos 
hoisin sauce 
tapioca or arrowroot flour 
avocado oil 

COMMENT “NOODLES” and ill DM you how to make this or head on over to:

don’t forget to follow for more recipe ideas💫
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  • WORKS LIKE A CHARM👌🏻the tip everyone needs to know for summer time. this is how we bring ice pops to the pool, play dates, park, etc. i did this all of last summer and it’s a game changer. my kids latest fixation: the @eatsweetnothings organic DESSERT POPS! not your typical dessert pop guys. comes in 3 flavors, dairy-free, gluten-free and sweetened with bananas or dates (no sugar) ! they remind me of a fudge pop and you know my fudge pop obsession🫠

COMMENT “POPS” and I’ll DM you a link to get a BOGO coupon for these dessert pops and the cup i use in this video. you can find these dessert pops *exclusively* at whole foods!!🤭 #sweetnothingspartner #icepops #dessertideas
  • @rachlmansfield 💫DAY 2 OF 7 DAYS OF HEALTHY DINNER IDEAS THAT AREN’T BORING!👋🏻today we are making sweet potato cheeseburger bowls but with a plant-based twist!🍔yes - that’s right, ya girl made cheeseburger bowls but with a meat alternative. you know i am trying to diversify a bit and when i saw that @beyondmeat simplified their ingredients, i had to give it a try. i love how they now use avocado oil and it has 21g of plant protein per serving and it’s the first  plant-based meat brand to be clean label project certified i use their ground beef alternative here for these bowls and it turned out so so good! #beyondpartner 

*SAVE* this recipe to try soon and comment “BURGER” and ill message you how to make this. it requires minimal effort, is loaded with burger fixings and i made extras to have leftover the next day. not to mention my house also loved this dish too - he was hesitant but we both were wanting seconds👀

sweet potatoes🍠
olive oil
beyond meat ground meat
shredded cheese🧀
shredded lettuce🥬
special sauce
sesame seeds

COMMENT “BURGER” and ill DM you how to make this dish or head on over to:

don’t forget to follow for more recipe ideas💫
#rachleats #cheeseburgerbowls #burgerbowls #glutenfree #glutenfreefood #glutenfreerecipes #glutenfreevegan #healthyfood #healthyrecipes #healthylifestyle #dinnerideas #dinnerrecipes #easyrecipes
  • @rachlmansfield 💫DAY 1 OF 7 DAYS OF HEALTHY DINNERS THAT AREN’T BORING! day 1 we are kicking off with the top recipe on my website, my THAI TURKEY MEATBALLS! all 5 star reviews on these⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and truly the recipe that people will stop me on the street to tell me how much they love these. these meatballs are gluten-free, dairy-free and even my kids love them. they are simmered in this coconut broth that makes the meatballs extra juicy and tender. and these are great leftover so if you want to double the recipe for extras, do it!

*SAVE* this recipe to try soon and comment “MEATBALLS” and I’ll message you how to make these. you can serve them over some rice or quinoa or even some noodles of sorts of you want👌🏻

groud turkey
crushed up gluten-free crackers or almond flour
ground ginger
coconut aminos
red curry paste
avoid oil
red bell pepper
full-fat coconut milk

COMMENT “MEATBALLS” and i’ll DM you how to make this. or head on over to:

don’t forget to follow for more recipe ideas💫
#rachleats #thaiturkeymeatballs #meatballs #glutenfreefood #glutenfree #glutenfreerecipes #healthyfood #healthyeating #healthyrecipes #dinnerideas #dinnerrecipes #dairyfree
  • COSTCO FINDS for my family of 5👋🏻we go to costco at least 2x month now and every time we go we find new things we love!! they’re always rotating new products on shelves so i love to see what the latest is😂

keep in mind that not all costco locations carry the same things. so your region may have things that we don’t have and visa versa. the dream would be to go go to each region and shop one day! and if you also go on a sunday with your 3 kids and husband - gd speed😇

1. poppi - love this for a healthier bubbly soda option
2. organic chicken breasts and thighs
3. organic ground turkey - love that I’d 3 lbs for this. we make my greek turkey burgers all the time
4. manchango cheese - the “big cheese” as my kids call it
5. organic candy snaps - probably a seasonal find but these were great
6. fresh fruit and veggies - watermelon, bananas, pineapple, apples, raspberries, blueberries, avocados and butter lettuce etc
7. toom garlic dip - loving this right now
8. perfect bars - you know my obsession with these. we all eat them daily
9. frozen organic veggies - i get the broccoli, peas, medley and the edamame
10. good pop - the red white and blue cherry lemonade pops are a must
11. organic greek yogurt - always always and we buy 5 to 6 containers at a time
12. organic creamy peanut butter - i eat a jar of this a week. by the spoonful and it’s only two ingredients: peanuts and sea salt 
13. organic almond butter - this was new for our costco! really good
14. chosen foods avocado oil spray - we fly through these 
15. dee bee’s freeze pops - great squeeze pop option
16. banza chickpea pasta - gluten-free and protein-packed which i love
17. organic skinny pop popcorn - IYKYK
18. organic sweet potato sticks - this was new for us! really impressed
19. amara smoothie melts - our latest @ investment after being obsessed for months. you can also save 15% with my code RACHL15
20. chomps - grass-fed meat sticks we love. you can also save 15% off with my code RACHL
21. wild caught tuna - always on hand for quick meals 
22. beetology organic beets - my husbands pick. he uses them in his salads

#costcofinds #costcohaul #costcodeals #groceryshopping