Shopping Amazon Prime Day is 10000% the most crazy thing I have experienced as a shopper since the Black Friday sales days. When my mom would drag me to the mall to shop all the crazy sales for hours.

But I want to keep this short and sweet and help YOU mamas know what to buy and what to stock up on. So here is my shopping list and list of must-buy items for the July 2023 Amazon Prime Day as a parent with 3 young babes.

Incase you are wondering what in the world Amazon Prime Day is:

Prime Day is a 2-day event that includes a multi-week lead-up and lead-out period—full of incredible deals and prices across millions of products.

Here are a few curated lists and you can also sho EVERYTHING! on my amazon storefront! Be sure to continue to check my storefront July 11 + 12th to get ALL the Amazon Prime Day favorites.

Kitchen + Household Picks for Prime Day:

  1. Veggie chopper – this has been a HOT commodity for prime day and over on my IG stories. Hype is real.
  2. Food processor – I have had this for YEARS and it is my favorite food processor
  3. Reusable bags  –  we have dozens of these for lunches, freezing food, etc.
  4. Tupperware – you always need more tupperware if you are anything like me
  5. Vitamix – love this blender – hot deal
  6. Stand mixer – if you bake, get this!
  7. Baking mats – these are great and another one of my top sellers
  8. Dish rack – functional and not ugly so I am into it
  9. Food organization container – if you’re getting an itch to organize, order these
  10. Pantry storage container – same with these too
  11. Robot vacuum – we have this one and really like it, after returning a few others
  12. Magic Eraser – a STAPLE for us and our crazy family
  13. Cleaning cloth – can never have too many of these
  14. Power washer – my husband’s favorite “man” tool as he says
  15. Salad spinner – a must have for all the lettuce we grow
  16. Dishwasher detergent packs – our go to brand is having a huge sale
  17. Laundry detergent concentrate – this detergent works great!

Prime Day Picks for Toddlers:

  1. Splash pad – the splash pad is a must-have for kids!
  2. Bento box – great option and deal for a lunch box
  3. Sippy cup – we have and love these cups
  4. Big sippy cup – same with these. Ordering the large size
  5. Magnatiles – we have approx 10 different magnet tile sets and they are a staple and a daily activity for my kids. Great for birthday gifts too for kids.
  6. Tricycle – we have this and kids love it
  7. One year old balance bike – got this for Brody when he turned one and he loved it. Will share with Cooper soon!
  8. Hot wheels track – you know my kid’s obsession with hot wheels…
  9. Magnatile cars -these are so cute for fellow car-obsessed kids
  10. Corkscrew hot wheels track – stock up for the holidays!!
  11. Ball pit – we LOVE a good ball pit over here
  12. Hot wheels car spinner – another great hot wheels find
  13. Bounce house – this is an insurance liability but…
  14. Indoor play gym – we have a similar one and my kids are obsessed
  15. Teething ring for food – love these for Coop!
  16. Kids water bottle – never too many water bottle options lol
  17. Forward Facing Car Seat – this is the seat we use for our 4 year old

Back-to-school Prime Day Picks:

  1. Notebook – school, work, life, always need notebooks!
  2. Mesh zipper pouches – these are really practical and would be great for travel too
  3. Stickie pads – huge stickie pad fan over here
  4. Pencil case – love this case to keep organized
  5. Marker pens – I geek out over new pens
  6. Glue – great for crafts for the kids!
  7. Printer – we ordered this when we moved into our house and I feel like such an adult
  8. Markers – love me some new markers
  9. Pens – who doesn’t love the way these pens write
  10. Scissors – can never have too many pairs of scissors laying around for all the upcoming crafts projects

Beauty/skin/Fashion Prime Day Picks:

  1. Pillow slipper sandals – one of my favorite purchases and top sellers!
  2. Walking fanny pack – a MUST and kind of like the Lululemon dupe
  3. Teeth whitening strips (non-toxic) – ORDER THESE! Love them!
  4. Ezra’s curl cream – my diva’s curl cream for his locks
  5. My exact hair clips – I am obsessed with these
  6. Callus socks – gross but a necessity
  7. Toothpaste – we use this toothpaste here
  8. Soft pajamas set – I love these especially postpartum
  9. Pimple stickers – mmmkay you need these I promise you!
  10. Face razors – yes, I shave my face! This is the tool use
  11. Packing cubes – we love packing cubes. Never traveling without them again
  12. Clothes steamer – we have this and love it

A few other things to check out:

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