Welcome back to our latest series of what we bought this month. This is where you get on scoop on what we actually buy and can shop for these items too.

Now this month might be a bit unusual because of all the great Black Friday Deals we found for holiday gifts for our kids. I feel like I need to be wheeled in a bit because our shopping has been insane. But come January I will lay low a bit?! Maybe lol.

In case you missed it we curated a list of Holiday Gift Guides for all the loved ones in your life. We’ve also been pulling together all the best Amazon Black Friday Deals.

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Veggie Chopper Oversized Quarter Zip Ice Roller Rainmaker Stick Baby Knex set Hokas Two Piece Oversized Sweater Set Yoga Leggings Winter Gloves Lego City House Busy Board Away Carry On

Some of our favorite purchases of the month:

Lulu Dupe leggings – For the winter months I just got these in the 28inch version. They are the longer version of the leggings I’ve been wearing throughout out the fall.

Busy Board – My kids love to play with wires and keys and all things we don’t want them playing with. So this is a great solution and a fun little gift for the holidays.

Two Piece Sweater Set – This is the perfect cozy winter sweater set I’ll be sure living in over the next few months.

Oversized Sweatshirt – I am obsessed with the regular sized version of this quarter-zip sweatshirt. SO when I found the oversized version I ordered it right away.

Lego City House – My kids are OBSESSED with Legos so it’s been on our list to get them for the holidays. This looked like a fun set and was a great deal!

K’nex set – My husband said he loved these when he was growing up and our oldest son LOVES building things. This was a holiday gift request.

Rainmaking Sound Stick – Our youngest son loves music and always rocks his whole body whenever we play music. I am slowly building his musical instrument collection.

Veggie Chopper – After I watched my husband take over 15 minutes to chop the ingredient for his chopped salad I knew exactly what I would be buying him!

Winter Tech Gloves – Every season I buy expensive winter gloves and I wind up putting a hole in the thumb. This year I bought a few pairs of these and I love the grip and how easily it is to text with them on.

Ice Roller – This is my new obsession. Maybe you saw me posting about dunking your face in a bowl of ice water and this is a much better option.

Hokas – My non-negotiable in life is my morning walk, since I rarely miss a day in over 10 years I go through pairs of sneakers pretty quickly. These are my go-to’s.

Away Suitcase – My husband has been needing a new suitcase and Away is FINALLY having a sale. So we picked one up for him for the holidays.

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