It’s is November baby. Which means it is HOLIDAY SEASONNNNNN! Welcome welcome welcome to our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide! We’re so excited to share this year’s top picks for everyone and anyone you are shopping for this year.

This year for our Holiday Gift Guide we curated picks that we use and love for him, for her, for your parents or in-laws, and of course your kids! Plus we have a Rachel’s picks section that includes a lot of my ride-or-items.

We have something for everyone on this Holiday Gift Guide, from some great splurge/investment pieces to some budget friendly options too. And feel free to browse the guide in general and not just by segment. One of the for her items could be great for your mom too.

Majority of these items are all ones we own and use too. Making this gift guide authentic and with real life recommendations. So you can trust what we are recommending. Last thing we want to do is tell you to buy something that doesn’t live up to expectations.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Holiday Gift Guide – Rachel’s Top Picks:

  1. Bearaby Weighted Blanket – I’ve been using this every night to sleep since June and it has totally improved my sleep. I cannot recommend it enough.
  2. Tushy Bidet – believe the hype, we added this to our toilet this year and it’s a complete game changer. Hands down best purchase.
  3. Made In Non-toxic, Non-stick Pans – you know we are ALWAYS cooking in this house and these non-toxic, non-stick pans have stood up to our over use. Use my code RACHEL to save $$ too when ordering.
  4. Fable Dinnerware Set – We’ve been using this dinnerware set since moving 2 years ago and they are both aesthetically pleasing but also so easy to care for. Use code RACHL to save $$.
  5. Hoka Walking/Running Sneakers – my morning walk is my non-negotiable in life and these sneakers are great for all. They’re true to size and I love the wide ones for my feet.
  6. Tennis Bracelet – This was my splurge item for the year and a timeless piece I’ll have forever. Use my code RACHL to save $$.
  7. My Go-to Skincare – I love these skincare products so much, especially the face wash.
  8. Handheld Car Vacuum – As a mom of three this truly is a life saver and helps keep our car clean.
  9. Dyson Air Wrap – even with all the hype I’ve been putting off buying this but I’m so happy I did. It’s made my hair routine so much easier.
  10. My New Necklace – I’ve been on the search for a great necklace to layer with my others. My friend’s family sells them and they’re so gorgeous (as are all the pieces!).
  11. LMNT Electrolyte Packets – These are my go to hydration packets, Jord and I love them. They have been great while breastfeeding and Jord likes to use them before or after a workout.

Holiday Gift Guide – For Her:

  1. Silk Pillow Case – A great upgrade to your nightly sleep, it is great for your hair and skin they say. And you know I’ll do anything for skincare..
  2. Leather Jacket – this has been one of my favorite purchases for the fall and winter seasons. I bought one for my MIL’s birthday and then bought it for myself too!
  3. Infared Sauna Blanket – I’ve been trying to add this to my nightly routine a few times a week. Especially a great addition during the winter months.
  4. Red Light Mask – My Facialist uses this during my visits and recommended to do it more often (I think my husband is more obsessed than me!)
  5. Ugg Slippers – I use these as my indoor slippers and they are perfect.
  6. Anine Bing Sweatshirt – These are my favorite oversized sweatshirts to wear and have such fun graphics on them.
  7. Meira T Necklace – She makes such fun everyday pieces I’ve been wearing her necklaces and bracelets for years. Love the bracelets too.
  8. Kindle – Since starting a book club with some girl friends earlier this year reading from my kindle has become my new bedtime routine.
  9. Sunglasses – You guys know these are my go to sunglasses I have a few pairs so I can keep them around the house and my car, plus I don’t have to worry about my kids breaking them.
  10. Lulu Dupe Sweatshirt – This is my new “uniform” I wear every morning for my walk and work and I love that it has a hood. You can get 2 of them for the price of 1 Lulu one.

Holiday Gift Guide – For Him:

  1. Ooni Oven – This has been a favorite of my husband he loves making pizzas but also cooking meat on the cast iron skillets.
  2. Hoka Sneakers – These are Jord’s sneakers he’s been wearing for the last 5 years and is just as obsessed as I am.
  3. Lululemon Outfit – You really can’t go wrong with any of the work out stuff for men.
  4. Meat Thermometer – You know we cook a lot and this is a must have in the kitchen and by the grill.
  5. Power Drill Set – Jord bought this as soon as we moved to our home and I feel like he makes up any excuse to us his power drill.
  6. Power Washer – Just like the power drill this is in use I feel like every weekend in the spring and summer.
  7. Carpet Cleaner – I’ve seen this all over the internet and was curious so I bought it and believe the hype! You cant imagine the dust and dirt sitting on your couches and carpets.
  8. Fellow Hot Water Kettle – A must have for any coffee lover in your life, this is a great hot water kettle.
  9. Chemex Coffee Maker – The coffee maker my husband uses daily.
  10. Walking Pad – Jord claims he bought this for me, but I think he’s been using it more than me!

Holiday Gift Guide – For Ages 3-5:

  1. Mini Ugg’s – my kids were obsessed with these last year so just ordered new pairs for the fall and winter.
  2. Lalo Play Kitchen – the aesthetic of this play kitchen fits perfectly in our kitchen/family room and our kids love playing with it while we cook.
  3. Swing Set – One of our first additions to our yard right when we moved in.
  4. Lalo Play Table – We love this so much we have two of them in our house, our kids love eating their meals at this table and we we have another in our play room for crafts.
  5. Lalo Paw Patrol Coloring Sheets – These coloring sheets are the perfect addition to the play table!
  6. Amazon Kid’s Fire Tablet – We love to travel and this is a must for the airplane or in case you need a quick break in your house!!
  7. Headphones – A must with the tablet.
  8. T-Ball Set – Our boys love playing sports in our backyard and this foam bat is great.
  9. Ride-on Tractor – We leave this at my parents house so the kids have something to look forward to when we visit.
  10. Bento Lunch Box – we love this bento lunch box because its leak proof and comes in so many fun colors and prints.
  11. Figgy Foam Play Blocks – Our kids love building forts out of these are using them to jump around our basement. Plus they are so easy to clean!
  12. Strider Bike – We’re teaching our oldest to ride a bike and this is a great way for him to start. We also recently added the pedals on.
  13. Ball Pit – Another great option for a play room or basement. Our boys love playing in the ball pit.
  14. Ride-on Thomas the Train – My friend had this ride-on train and my kids loved it so much we bought it last holiday season and it’s still used on a daily occurrence.
  15. Magna Tiles – Another item we can’t get enough of in this house, our kids love building all different creations with the tiles.

Holiday Gift Guide – For Ages 3 and Under:

  1. SmartNoggin NogginStik – We have purchased or received this as a gift for all three of our kids. It’s a must have for new borns!
  2. Lalo Play Gym – Lalo just makes the best products for kids and this one again is a great addition in our family room.
  3. Activity Center – We love this activity center to help teach our kids to start standing up.
  4. Scooter – This is a great scooter for our kids to learn on, we’ve used them while living in a city setting and now in the suburbs.
  5. Dyson Toy Vacuum – Hands down our 2.5 year old’s favorite toy. He uses it everyday and stores it next to our real Dyson Vacuum.
  6. Toddler Toy Cleaning Set – We just bought this for the holidays for our 2.5 year old after we saw him playing with it at our friends house. He loved it so much.
  7. Joovy Walker Highchair – We’ve used this with all three boys and it is a great way to have your pre-walker get ready and strong enough to walk!
  8. Lalo Play Box Toy Set – I am beyond excited that Lalo has launched their play toys! They are so much fun and great for each stage of development!!
  9. Toniebox – We bought this last holiday season and still a fan fave over here. Our kids love that they are able to pick different characters to tell different stories or play different music.
  10. Tote Bag – This is the perfect overnight bag for young kids. It has plenty of room for all their things and love to get them personalized.
  11. Pennant Name Flags – These are so cute and we hung them in each of our kids rooms.
  12. Dreamland Baby Sleep Sack – I’ve been using these weighted sleep sacks for Cooper and we love it!! Use code RACHL for 20% off your order.
  13. Beanies – Pint Size Clothing is making the sweetest beanies for kids & 100% of proceeds go to Hazel who is a 2 year old battling a rare blood cancer, LCH. Purchase one of the personalized beanies to help support Hazel this holiday season! DM Pint Size to order!

Holiday Gift Guide – For Your Parents and In-Laws:

  1. Made In Knife Set – This is such a versatile knife and makes a great gift too! Use code RACHEL to save $$ when ordering.
  2. Robot Vacuum – I love to use this vacuum at night when everyone goes to bed or when we’re out of the house for the day. It does such an amazing job getting all the dust and crumbs.
  3. Pickleball Paddle Set – My mom’s favorite thing to do.
  4. American Mah Jongg Set – I’ve just started to learn to play Maj Jongg but my Mom and Mother-In-Law have been playing for years!
  5. Scattergories – One of my favorite boardgames.
  6. Cheese Board – I went to a friends house for a BBQ and they served the most amazing cheese board on this board and it comes with everything you’ll need!
  7. New Bedding – These have been the sheets we have been using for the past 5 years and they are by far worth the investment.
  8. Wonder Oven – The name says it all the Wonder Oven! I heard this is amazing. It is on my wish list.
  9. Digital Picture Frame – Both my parents and Jord’s parents have this and they love uploading pictures to it with the latest from their grandkids.
  10. Le Labo Candle – This is always my go-to gift because who doesn’t love the scent of this Le Labo candle!?