Let’s run through all the details on pregnancy 2nd time around..

33 weeks pregnant – photos by Sara Kalish

  1. What foods, drinks and supplements do you avoid while pregnant?
    • When it comes to food and drinks – there isn’t much that I avoid. I personally still eat runny eggs, drink kombucha and I eat lox on a bagel (my favorite). I definitely am not preaching that this is something everyone should do, but I personally am comfortable with it after doing my own research and chatting with my doctor and other experts. I always say that if I ate it or consumed it pre-pregnancy, that I don’t see why not during. I personally don’t eat a lot of sushi because there aren’t good options by me so that’s one thing I don’t eat much of while pregnant. When it comes to supplements – I avoid CBD and adaptogens for the most part in supplement form since there is limited research on it but that’s it. I recommend this podcast episode for more on this with a prenatal RD/expert.
  2. Do you avoid caffeine while pregnant?
    • I’m not a huge caffeine junkie not pregnant. But I do drink a little caffeine with my daily kombucha! My doctor says caffeine (within moderation) is indeed safe but 100% ask your healthcare professional please!
  3. What prenatal vitamins do you take?
    • This pregnancy, I am using the Garden of Life Raw Prenatals (I order the big bottle). I love them and my last pregnancy I did the once-daily prenatal from them too. I prefer the raw version even though you have to take it 3x day. But I just have it with breakfast, lunch and dinner so it’s easy. More on all my supplements here.
  4. Thoughts on natural birth or c-section? Will you have a vbac?
    • So for Ezra’s birth, I had a c-section (more on that here). Ezra was breached and then my water busted at 36 weeks, so I didn’t really have a choice. I am going into this labor experience with the same perspective as Ezra’s – whatever the baby needs I will do. If I can have a vaginal birth, I will! If I need a c-section again, I will do that. I’m personally okay with epidurals and totally respect those opinions who aren’t into them. Every mama has to do what works for them and the baby. But one piece of advice: go in with an open mind. I don’t have a birth plan, I will do whatever I have to to safely deliver the baby.
  5. Do you feel less anxious or nervous about birth this time around?
    • I am not an anxious person in general so with Ez I wasn’t nervous or anxious about labor. And I am not this time around either for the most part. Only thing I am a little nervous on is preterm labor, but not the labor itself. For some reason, it doesn’t scare me. I just want the baby to be healthy and for us to both snuggle happily after (like a cheeseball mama!). It will definitely be weird giving birth in the hospital during COVID but thankful Jord can be there with me.
  6. What is your favorite things to eat while pregnant?
    • OHHH love this question!!! CARBS. Literally anything carb is my bestie. Except now that I have gestational diabetes because carbs + GD are not friends. I love bagels with scallion cream cheese, avocado and lox, pizza, burgers..pretty much my favorite foods not pregnant too now that I think about it. And for dessert – lots of my chocolate chip walnut cookies and these almond four chocolate chip cookies are great for low sugar/low carb GD option. I have noticed my desserts do not spike my blood sugar which has been great.
  7. How much more do you eat while pregnant?
    • This pregnancy I eat a lot more. With Ez I thought I ate a lot but this pregnancy has proven to me that hunger can reach a whole new kind of high. I add in a couple more snacks during the day and just listen to my body for meals. I notice I am hungrier for bigger meal during the day than not pregnant. But breastfeeding takes the cake for hunger over here! I was literally eating like an olympic athlete when I nursed Ezra.
  8. Any tips to get veggies in when you don’t want them?
    • If you don’t want them – don’t pressure yourself!! All is okay if you don’t eat greens for a bit. But a few ways to sneak veggies in in general that are easy: quesadillas, smoothies, zucchini breads and such, pastas, meatballs, omelettes etc.
  9. Do you work out everyday while pregnant?
      • Hell no. I rarely work out these days. Luckily I live in a city setting so I walk to do most things. But I haven’t been feeling it or motivated. When I do some classes, they are more gentle pilates-like classes for the most part. I love using the at-home/online platforms when I crave movement. But I don’t pressure myself. With Ezra I exercised more but I have been taking it slow this time around. And I want to avoid preterm labor if I can.
  10. Do you have any constipation during pregnancy?
    • With Ez I did. Knock on wood – not this time around but it is common. I swear by a probiotic and magnesium evey night. I share more on my tips from my first pregnancy and pooping here.
  11. How is gestational diabetes going?
    • I mean.. it sucks but when it comes to complications or something during pregnancy, I consider myself lucky. I don’t like that I have to track my blood sugar 4x day and think before I eat. But it hasn’t been too hard . For me carbs spike it more than dessert so that has been interesting. I ate too many Japanese sweet potato fries a couple weeks ago and my blood sugar sky rocketed. Even though I had it with a lamb burger salad with lots of healthy fats etc. I can dive more into this topic if you guys want – I just am not an expert so I feel weird going to much into to. I did the sugary drink test with Ez and failed too so this time around I tracked my blood sugar instead and made sure to eat a lot of pizzas, candies etc. and saw that it was spiking from that. Now I also go to the hospital for more monitoring to make sure all looks okay. And call in my blood sugar levels for everyday 2x week (tedious but whatever!). I snack a lot on the dark chocolate cashew hunks from Hu which have been so great for chocolate cravings (code RACHL for free shipping).
  12. What has been different in this pregnancy?
    • Besides the obvious with COVID? It is FLYING by. Going too fast and way quicker than Ezra’s pregnancy. I am also significantly more tired, I popped faster and everything I felt with Ez’s pregnancy is just escalated. My varicose veins on my you know what came quicker, I started to show at 11 weeks (with Ez it was 23 weeks) and I have zero energy. I also am not working out much since there are no classes obviously I can go to IRL. And it is hard for me to motivate myself but when I do it feels good to move a bit and walk. I have been a lot more gentle with myself this pregnancy. It sucks Jordan can’t come into appointments and you go to the doctor less too. I don’t think my tiredness is from Ez only – even though being a mama takes 110% of my energy. It really just hits more intensely the second time in my opinion.
  13. How do you deal with weight gain?
    • This really isn’t something I consider “dealing” with. A handful also asked how much weight I gain, which isn’t something I am comfortable sharing. That leads to comparison and everyone’s body is just so different all the time, but especially in pregnancy. When it comes to weight gain for pregnancy, I always remind myself it isn’t just food related. When we gain weight not pregnant – sure it is probably related to food or exercise. But weight gain is supposed to happen with pregnancy. It is blood, fluid, the baby, the placenta and everything growing! Not gaining weight wouldn’t make sense to me. Plus I am just really flipping hungry 24/7@
  14. What is your favorite baby detergent?
    • I don’t have a favorite “baby” detergent to be honest. We all use the same thing because I use all non-toxic companies and brands. And to keep things easy we like to keep one brand for cleaning needs and laundry
  15. What is your favorite diaper bag?
    • With a stroller and living in a city, I don’t really have a diaper bag I use everyday. I throw everything into the stroller for the most part! But I love this backpack and tote bag for when we used to go out to places and travel too.
  16. What double stroller did you get?
  17. What are your top 5 must haves for new moms?
    1. A really really good stroller for walks. We had this one for Ez + this one for double stroller now
    2. Shhhh machine
    3. A non-cloth/fabric changing pad (so much easier to keep clean!)
    4. Stacking rings toy
    5. Baby carrier
  18. When did you start to feel pregnant?
    • A LOT earlier this time around. I felt pregnant around 8 weeks (more on that here)
  19. Was it easy for you tot get pregnant this time around?
    • I share our fertility journey with this baby here!
  20. What stretch mark cream do you use?
    • I switch things up a lot. But I am crazy about using creams and oils on my belly every single day. Yes, I have stretch marks but they are my beauty marks IMO and it just shows what my body was able to do for our family! I love using this body butter, this belly oil and the serum and lotion from Necessaire (code RACHL10).
  21. What are your tips for varicose veins on you know what?
    • UNDERWEAR! When I wasn’t wearing underwear, they were so much worse. And wearing compression socks really helps me with circulation in general. Warm baths also help me a lot too. Some say they aren’t comfortable taking baths so of course do what works for you! They easy the pain and inflammation for me on them. I also notice when I wear leggings they are worse for me too. So I wear underwear and sweatpants most days.
  22. Any pregnancy clothing must haves?
    • YES. These leggings, tons of oversized sweatshirts, this winter coat that is loose and comfy and I always size up in my underwear too ha! I like everything loose. I have only been pregnant in wintertime so I don’t have many suggestions for warmer climates. This pregnancy I am living in sweatsuits.
  23. Do you buy maternity clothes?
    • I don’t! I find them overpriced most of the time. And I don’t need to wear jeans or anything, which would be the only thing I’d buy. OH but I have maternity tights, which are great when you need. Other than that I just size up for clothes.
  24. Are you getting a night nurse?
    • Nope. We had one for 10 days with Ez and had a horrible experience. I’m not too into them for us personally. Around here they live with you 24/7 and in an apartment, that just isn’t happening. Plus I plan to breastfeed again and you really don’t sleep either way in my opinion. And we have Ezra’s nanny with us during the day so we already have amazing help.
  25. How do you feel about having 2 kids under 3?
    • Grateful, excited and I can already feel how tired I will be at the end of the day. But having my babies is everything to me!

xx, Rach