Sharing a peak at what is in my supplement cabinet for pregnancy, immune health and what I give my toddler.

Between pregnancy, immune health and trying to keep our family as healthy as I can without turning into an actual crazy person – our supplement cabinet is stocked up.

One of the most commonly asked questions these days is about my supplement routine. And I don’t blame you. It is confusing af to know wtf to take and I am by no means an expert in supplements – but at this point I have tried and dabbled with many that we have our favorites. And those go-to products I always keep on hand. These are also all doctor approved and/or recommended so please as always consult with your physician or healthcare professional to make sure these work for you as well!

My daily supplement routine while pregnant:

  1. Prenatal vitamins // I take these raw prenatal 3x day. I love them and they don’t repeat on me or make me feel sick. I also recommend taking these with food as whenever I take it then eat say 30+ min later, I get stomach pains.
  2. DHA // ugh I love and hate you. I am currently taking these ones. I have yet to find some that don’t repeat on me. But many of you have said to take them after dinner/before bed. And to keep them in the fridge, which I still need to look into it and try myself.
  3. Zinc + vitamin D3 // these two are added into my morning pill popping routine for immunity right now. I take anywhere from 2,000-5,000 IU of vitamin D3 per day but in the winter I up it. Dr. Lipman tells us in this episode he recommends 5,000 IUs. If you want to order from Megafood’s site – use the code RACHL for 15% off your order
  4. Vitamin C // since cold season rolled around, I have been taking a vitamin C supplement. Either these gummies or the supplement I take. Code RACHL for 15% off from Megafood’s site too!
  5. Probiotics // I am a dedicated groupie to Garden of Life for probiotics. I switch bottles and varieties after I finish one. I have heard this is important to do. I alternate between these women’s ones, these 100 billion and these 90 billion while pregnant. I love their CBD ones but not while preggo. I take these every night after my dessert.

My go-to’s when I feel a cold coming on:

  1. Oil of oregano // this is gross and it makes you think you ate pizza without the actual pleasure of eating the pizza. I put 3-4 drops (not dropperfuls – just drops) into a splash of water and take it like I would a tequila shot. Wash it down with water after and eat something like granola or nut butter. Literally anything to get the aftertaste out of your mouth.
  2. Elderberry // call me crazy but I love the taste of elderberry syrup. I keep this syrup in my fridge and also these gummies on hand.
  3. Apple cider vinegar // technically not a supplement but I love taking this for extra immunity and to kill any bacteria. If I have a sore throat, I gargle it too.
  4. Tea tree oil // whenever I feel like I am getting a cold or even when I am congested, I always sleep with a diffuser on and have tea tree oil diffusing from it. It is truly my favorite and it is so soothing and relaxing and I swear it works so well for me!
  5. Manuka honey candies // these are AMAZING! tbh I eat them all the time but especially when I have a sore throat. The manuka honey is immunity boosting and they are the best of the best ingredient wise for throat candies (code RACHL for 25% off!)

Ezra’s vitamins + things:

  • Vitamin D3 drops // he has been getting these since he was born. His pediatrician recommended it immediately because I breastfed and apparently that nutrient doesn’t transfer to the baby. He uses these drops and I add them into water and just shake it up. They don’t have any taste and he has zero idea it’s in there.
  • Probiotics // ok I definitely don’t remember to do these everyday but I’d say 3x a week or so. Same as above where I just add drops to one of his waters and shake it up. So easy to get it in!
  • Multivitamins // full disclosure – I suck at remember these ones for some reason. But tbh Ezra eats a great diet so I’m not overly concerned. But they are too easy not to start sneaking in more.