Being pregnant comes with a whole lot of stuff you don’t expect. And let me just say – that the second time around is even crazier if you can believe it!

I cannot believe I am 29 weeks already as I type this blog post. And how fast this pregnancy is flying by. The last few months have been filled with a lot of similarities that I had with Ezra but pretty much everything is just escalated if that makes sense. But thankfully this time nothing too new – just the same old sh!t that no one really warned me about.

Speaking of which – let’s chat a bit about all the random stuff women can go through when they’re pregnant that really no one warned me about.

Sh!t I didn’t know about being pregnant:

1. Swollen ankles – ok ok I know that people talk about this. But to be honest, I had no idea how bad it can be. With my 1st pregnancy, this started to hit me around 28 weeks. And with 2nd pregnancy, I have been living in compression socks basically since week 18! I stand a lot for work between recipe testing, photographing, etc. So I am definitely more likely to have swollen ankles because of my standing. On days I podcast and am not standing as much, they aren’t bad. But if I don’t wear my compression socks, my ankles are seriously painful by the end of the day! Also putting my legs up the wall really helps too when it gets bad. And elevating my feet whenever I can (like right now as I type this blog post!)

2. Your poop/digestion will slow the beep down – everything just slows down in pregnancy (at least for me). And my usually 1-2x of bowel movements get weaker and they aren’t as easy as pre-pregnancy. Digestion just slows the beep down because the baby is getting the nutrients too (which is so important). But it is so uncomfortable to not go to the bathroom! This happens around 20 weeks for me but everyone is different. A few things I do to support bowel movements: tons of probiotic-based products like coconut yogurt, kombucha, kimchi and of course – the daily probiotic before bed. Also more on this topic here.

3 Gassy gassy gassy – this is probably the most blunt I have ever been but you guys know I have no filter at this point so here it goes! I do not fart, ever. It is weird but I really am not a gassy person. I don’t burp or fart and then when I am pregnant – I still don’t burp but the other end happens and it is hysterical. My family, especially Jordan just laughs because its a running joke with people that I never pass gas ha!

4. Choline is the nutrient no one talks about – A few weeks ago, I had an RD and prenatal expert on my podcast (episode here) and she filled us in on all things choline and why it is so important for the health of the baby.* As well as DHA. With Ezra I had no idea that choline was a thing but I did take DHA daily. With this pregnancy, I am taking MegaFood Baby & Me 2 Prenatal DHA & Choline and it is absolutely amazing. For starters it doesn’t repeat on me like most DHA supplements doo. And it combines two essential nutrients that are vital for healthy brain development for the baby!* It is recommended to take this supplement while pregnant and if you breastfeed too, so I plan on stocking up and taking it for quite awhile. I love the MegaFood one for the obvious reason that I just love all their supplements, but also that theirs is so unique. They pair liquid, plant-based DHA from algae with choline in a power supplement! Use the code RACHL for 15% off your order and stock UP on this!

5. Your body will never be the same – this comes in many different ways. And to be honest, I don’t mean this in a negative way at all. But your body will never be the same after having a baby/being pregnant. I have stretch marks, my c-section scar and things just aren’t where they used to be. And this is 10000% OK guys! My scar is huge compared to most c-section scars, but it reminds me of the crazy beautiful evening that Ezra came into this world. My stretch marks are just reminders of the beautiful bump I had/have again. And even the ones on my boobs. My boobs pretty much went up 2 sizes from nursing then deflated so it is inevitable for stretch marks to join the fun.

6. Veins in all places – this one really threw me for a loop. I had heard of varicose veins on legs and seen friends have them. But never in my life did I hear of these veins appearing on your vagina. And low and behold – I got them with Ez. And now with the second pregnancy – they are even larger, more painful and just so random! They went down after labor but around 11 weeks I got them this time around. It’s a weird pain because it doesn’t hurt as in a “ow you pinched me”. It is more like the pressure and inflammation that is really annoying and causes pain for me. This is similar to the swollen ankles thing on the days that I stand a lot – it is worse. But when I sit – I don’t feel it as much. I also usually take a hot bath and it helps the pressure.

7. Sleep is off from day one – from the moment I found out that I was pregnant with both Ezra and his brother, my sleep went from solid to completely out of whack. And for me it isn’t the peeing thing. I am always one to pee in the middle of the night. But for some reason I just don’t sleep as well in the first trimester. Then you get to 17 weeks and you aren’t supposed to sleep on your back or belly anymore. Only side sleeping, which for me just stinks. That is where I am at now. Tossing from side to side each night trying to get comfy. I tried all the pillows and things and none really worked well for me. I do believe though that it is your body preparing you for when the baby comes and sleep goes out the window – ha!

8. Maternity clothes are usually overpriced and not worth it – I own 2 things that are “maternity” and everything else I just size up. Whether that means buying men’s sweatshirts and tees or just getting a couple sizes bigger in my normal things. The only thing I could see buying maternity besides leggings would be jeans. But I had a really hard time finding some that were comfy and not so overpriced. So I usually stick with leggings and dresses.

9. People think it’s acceptable to comment on your body – I don’t get what it is about pregnancy and the flood gates of comments from people about what a pregnant woman’s body looks like. It is ridiculous how many comments I get from people that are just so unnecessary. “You are carrying so small!” or “You look how I look after eating pizza” or “Wow your stomach is HUGE”. Like…what? As someone who never comments on people’s bodies pregnant or not – I will never understand. But I can say that the best thing to say to someone who is pregnant is “How are you feeling?! You look amazing” Or something simple along those lines.

10. You may want to buy adult diapers – I am not kidding you. I have zero ability to hold in my bladder or bowels since having Ez. I already have a weak bladder to begin with. But holy crap!! If I don’t find a bathroom within 5 minutes of having to go or if I sneeze, it is truly just insane.

11. You don’t always get that pregnancy “glow” – ok so with Ezra I was a different kind of pregnant. I had great energy, literally never got a pimple, my body felt great for the entire time. And I had no morning sickness. With this pregnancy, it was a 180. You’d think I was having a girl if you believe in all the superstitious things. My face broke out like crazy. I look tired 24/7 (thanks ma) and I do not have that glow. The only thing that makes me glow are my nice Instagram story filters – HA!

Did I miss anything?! Likely yes – would love to hear what else you guys did not expect about being pregnant.

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