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Episode 55

Kiva Dickinson – Breaking Down The Basics of Investing + What a VC Fund Does

#55: In this episode, Jordan and I are chatting with Kiva Dickinson, the founder and Managing Partner of Selva Ventures.

Selva Ventures invests in brands making consumers’ lives better, and they happen to be a handful of our favorites.

A preview of what we dive into in today’s episode:

  1. Taking the leap from his full-time job to start Selva Ventures
  2. Why he wanted to start his own VC fund
  3. How we are making investing space more approachable
  4. What it has been like fundraising money for Selva
  5. What a VC fund does and the basics of a venture capital fund
  6. The importance of open dialogue in the investing space
  7. Why a brand actually needs money from investors
  8. What an LP, GP and all these crazy abbreviations mean
  9. How to spot the trends in the industry
  10. How to know if a brand is worth investing in
  11. Where the space is going with food trends

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