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Episode 89

Just The Good Chat: Realness on Us Working and Parenting Together

#89: In this episode of Just The Good Stuff we are continuing our series of Just The Good Chat. This is one of the most vulnerable Jordan and I have gotten on the podcast.

We dive into our experiences working together and parenting together and share some of the struggles we have as a couple. 

Our podcast is a *judgement-free* zone.

Here are some of the topics discussed in this episode:

Working Together:

  • What made Jordan leave his previous career and join Rachel full time
  • A breakdown of Rachel & Jordan’s tasks/responsibilities for the business 
  • Is Rachel the boss or is it an equal partnership?
  • Our thoughts on couples therapy
  • Why it’s hard to separate marriage and work
  • One thing we wish we knew about each other before working together
  • Advice about not getting sick of one another when working together
  • Setting boundaries between work and personal time
  • Pressures we have to provide working together

Parenting Together:

  • How working together benefits parenting together
  • What kind of parenting we practice
  • How we solve conflicts as parents/partners
  • How a typical weekend is divided when caring for our kids
  • How we split up parenting duty 
  • Bedtime routines with multiple kids on different schedules
  • Feeling resentful to your partner 

+ SO much more!

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