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Episode 90

Ereka Vetrini – The Friend’s House We All Want to Dine At + Pursuing Her Dream Career

In this episode of Just The Good Stuff we’re joined by Ereka Vetrini. You would probably recognize Ereka by one of her mouth watering easy to make Italian inspired dishes on Instagram or TikTok!

Ereka is a working mother of two, a wife, a first-generation American-Italian, and the daughter of restauranteurs. She grew up in her family’s Italian restaurant which is where her love of cooking began. As a child, she spent hours in the kitchen of her family’s restaurants, happy to be there and eager to learn traditional southern Italian recipes. 

In 2020 her daughter, encouraged her to share her recipes on social media. In just three years she has grown that community to 2.2 million across platforms! Ereka is having so much fun developing recipes that resonate with people of all ages and is excited to launch her first line of kitchen garments in November 2023!

Here are some of the topics discussed in this episode:

  • Where Ereka’s passion for food came from
  • Growing up in Ereka’s family Italian restaurant 
  • What motivated Ereka to start posting recipes on social media
  • Ereka’s move from television to social media
  • Being a social media personality while raising children
  • Feeding your children and the “yuck”rule
  • Kitchen garments launching in November 2023!
  • Dealing with negative comments 

+SO much more!

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