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Episode 13

Melissa Wood Health – Mindful Fitness Guru On Starting Her Brand, Her Journey To Finding Peace Within Her Body, Becoming A Mother + How She Got To Where She Is Today.

#13: In this episode, I hang out with my dear friend and one of my most favorite humans, Melissa Wood.

Melissa is the creator of the fitness phenomenon, Melissa Wood Health, the ever so popular and kick ass fitness app on your phone.

A preview of what we dive into in today’s episode:

Melissa shares a mindful approach to working out and meditating with hundreds of thousands of women everywhere every single day. In our conversation, we chat all about how she got to where to she is today and her journey to finding peace within her body, eating a plant based diet, her disordered relationship with food years ago and falling in love with her husband, Noah. We also chat about the transition into motherhood and her journey being pregnant and while nursing. Melissa is one of those people you just want to be around all day every day. Her energy is just as beautiful as she is and I cannot wait for you to hear this episode! For more from Melissa follow @melissawoodhealth and head to and download her app on your phone!

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