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Episode 14

Sarah Larson Levey – Founder + CEO Of Y7 On Building And Expanding Her Unique Yoga Empire + Getting Pregnant After 2 Miscarriages

#14: In this episodes, I sit down with my friend, Sarah Larson Levey, the Founder + CEO of the badass yoga studio, Y7.

A preview of what we dive into in today’s episode:

We chat about about how and why Sarah started Y7 and what motivated her to start her yoga practice. We touch on working a full-time job while also rapidly growing Y7 at the same time and when she transition to Y7 fully. Sarah and I dive into the backend of the business and her unexpected entrepreneurial path, her different approach to funding for Y7 and briefly working with her husband during a time of rapid growth. We then transition into Sarah and her husband’s fertility journey and getting pregnant after 2 devastating miscarriages. Sarah shares how this impacted her relationship with her partner and what her pregnancy journey has been like over the past few months (she is almost 8 months pregnant now!). For more from Sarah, follow @sarah_ayako and for more on Y7, follow @Y7 Studio.

For more from me, I’m over on IG @rachLmansfield, tiktok @rachLmansfield and

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