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Episode 3

Rachel + Jordan – My 4 Year “Fired Anniversary” Episode Where I Share The Story On How I Built My Brand And More On The Behind-The-Scenes Of My Business As An Entrepreneur

#3: In this episode, I am in the “hot seat”. My husband, Jordan Carpenter, interviews me.

A preview of what we dive into in today’s episode:

We share a bit more on how it how it all got started and why I created my blog in the first place. Contrary to what many think, I didn’t have the confidence to pursue my blog full-time and leave my desk job. On December 3, 2015, I was fired unexpectedly from my job at a CPG brand as their Earned Media Manager. This led me to pursue my own brand full-time and embark on this crazy journey running my food blog and Instagram full-time. I chat about my brand partnerships and how those came about, answer a handful of your questions about the behind-the-scenes over here and I open up about the in’s and out’s of running my business solo.

For more from me, I’m over on IG @rachLmansfield, tiktok @rachLmansfield and

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