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Episode 33

Dr. Frank Lipman – Our Own Functional Medicine Doctor On Importance Of Vitamin D, Debunking Wellness Trends, Anti-Aging, Sleep, Gut Health + SO Much More!

#33: In today’s episode, we chat with our very own Functional MD, Dr. Frank Lipman.

Dr. Lipman is one of the most intelligent wellness experts and he is here in this episode sharing some of his wisdom with us. We dive into into a handful of topics in just one episode.

A preview of what we dive into in today’s episode:

  1. Why vitamin D is so important to take 
  2. Thoughts on COVID-19 + best practices
  3. Tips on anti-aging + better sleep practices
  4. Thoughts on CBD oil, celery juice + colonics
  5. How to know if your gut is off balance
  6. What do to if you are constipated  
  7. The healthiest foods + oils we should eat
  8. Thoughts on a plant-based diet
  9. If caffeine is safe and what forms are best
  10. How to best manage stress and anxiety

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