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Episode 53

We’re Back Baby! Expo West Recap + First Episode Back!

#53: Welcome back to Just The Good Stuff. We are *so* happy to be back in action

And I am beyond excited to introduce my new co-host, Jordan Carpenter. Also known as my husband, best friend, baby daddy and now business partner. We have been recording a ton of new episodes to roll out this spring and we are kicking it off with a highly requested topic – EXPO WEST!

A preview of what we dive into in today’s episode:

  1. The rundown on all things Expo West and our last minute trip
  2. What exactly is Expo West and why do we go?
  3. Our favorite new products from the show
  4. A *new* venture Jord and I are launching right now
  5. The latest trends in the food industry
  6. Some of our new plant-based finds and favorites from Expo
  7. The hot brands you need to get your hands on if you love: veggies burgers, gluten-free bagels, gluten-free pizza crust, chips, SO many snacks, butter, yogurt, overnight oats and more.
  8. We also touch on some new innovations from our ride-or-die brands

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