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Episode 61

My Decision To Cut Out Alcohol 4+ Years Ago

#61: In this episode, I am sharing why I decided to stop drinking 4 years ago and my perspective on living alcohol free.

I discuss my history with alcohol and my adolescence/relationship with drinking and share why this has been a huge benefit in my life. But also why I don’t expect everyone to hop on board the sober curious lifestyle.

A preview into some of the listener questions on cutting out alcohol and some topics we discuss below:

  1. Why did I stop drinking alcohol?
  2. When did I know you needed to quit? Was it a hard realization?
  3. What positive changes have I seen since stopping?
  4. If I could go back, would I have cut out alcohol earlier?
  5. Did my friend group change when I stopped drinking?
  6. What is your go-to non alcoholic drink?
  7. Have I noticed a change in my health since stopping?
  8. Does Jordan wish I still drank?
  9. Do you think I say no to events that are centered around alcohol?
  10. Do I ever feel like you’re missing out on social situations?
  11. Do people ever look at me funny for not drinking?
  12. How do I approach it with friends who love to drink?
  13. My tips for dating and being sober
  14. Thought on splitting the bill evenly with friends when eating out?
  15. How do I address questions when you’re around a group of people who don’t get why you stopped drinking?
  16. How do I find other social ways to see friends without getting a drink?
  17. Do I smoke weed instead?
  18. Do I think I will ever start drinking again?

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