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Episode 63

Mommy Labor Nurse on ALL Things Labor, Delivery + Recovery

#63: In this episode, we are chatting with Liesel Teen, the Founder of Mommy Labor Nurse.

This episode is filled a ton of helpful information in how to prepare for childbirth, what to expect and tips on postpartum. Liesel and her team have so many amazing tips and trick over on their Instagram and they do such an awesome job empowering and educating women (and partners) on what to expect when having a baby and more.

A preview of what we dive into in today’s episode:

  1. How do you know it’s time to go to the hospital?
  2. What do pre labor run mean? And pooping in labor?
  3. What are your best tips for going unmedicated if someone chooses not to have an epidural?
  4. When is it too late to get an epidural?
  5. What are your thoughts on getting induced?
  6. Is the loss of the mucus plug a sign you’re going into labor?
  7. What can you do to help with preparing for “easy delivery”?
  8. What are your must haves in your hospital bag?
  9. What to take from the hospital home with you?
  10. Any tips or words of wisdom for someone who knows they need to have a c-section and are nervous?
  11. What are your tips for c section recovery?
  12. Thoughts on getting multiple c sections?
  13. How do you know if you’re a good candidate vbac after a c-section?
  14. Can you do anything to prevent hemorrhoids from happening?
  15. Once you do have them how can you make the pain and discomfort less severe?
  16. What about vaginal tarring? What can you do to prevent that
  17. What’s the deal with not being able to eat post delivery with a c-section and when you’re in labor?

+ even more info in the episode!

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