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Episode 65

Dr. Teresa Purzner & Nick Langan – Co-Founders of Cerebelly On What To Feed Your Kids + All Things Brain Development

#65: On this episode, we speak with the Co-Founders of Cerebelly, Dr. Teresa Purzner & Nick Langan.

Dr. Purzner is not just just co-founder of industry-changing Cerebelly but also a world renowned practicing neurosurgeon and developmental neurobiologist who realized the importance of the nutrients needed for a childs brain to develop. We dive into this topic and so much more in this episode!

Here are some of the topics we discuss in the episode:

  1. Why Cerebelly was started and why it’s different from other baby brands
  2. 16 nutrients needed to help support a childs brain development
  3. Heavy metals in food regardless if organic or not
  4. What nutrients are usually deficient in a North American diet
  5. What to look for on nutritional panel for your children
  6. Some go-to meals or ideas to feed your children to ensure they are getting the proper nutrients
  7. Shelf stable foods without preservatives
  8. Needs in the market for pregnant mothers – snacks for pregnant mothers and lactating mothers
  9. What mothers can do while pregnant to help support their babies brain development

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