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Episode 66

Jenny Mollen – The *Hilarious* + Candid Mom Behind Dictator Lunches, Author, Actress

#66: On this episode we speak with Jenny Mollen, the author, actress and hilarious personality on all things motherhood, feeding her kids, being married to Jason Biggs and random parts of her life.

Jenny dives into two of her books that released this year: Dictator Lunches and a novel: City of Likes (this is no small feat fam wowza).

Here are some of the topics we discuss in the episode:

  1. Pregnancy and deciding on having more children
  2. City vs. suburb life
  3. Motherhood and feeding our children
  4. Jenny’s experience with SIBO
  5. Postpartum hyperthyroidism
  6. Why Jenny picks NYC over LA
  7. Where Jenny came up with the idea of Dictator Lunches
  8. Whose the real Dictator behind her kids lunches
  9. Tips and tricks to make food fund for kids
  10. Jenny’s novel City of Likes and now turning it into a TV show

+ so much more because we both may be the most chatty humans ever.

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