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Episode 67

Greg Davidson & Michael Wieder – Co-Founders of Lalo

#67: On this episode we speak with Greg Davidson and Michael Wieder the Co-Founders behind the toddler and kids brand Lalo.

They are the creators of the most aesthetic yet functional baby, toddler and kid products for your home. You 1000% have heard of these guys from my Instagram and they are one of our favorites. To the point where we invested in their company a couple years ago and have been cheering for the brand since day 1.

Here are some of the topics we discuss in the episode:

  1. Backgrounds and roles at Lalo
  2. Why did two guys without kids think to launch a baby/kids brand
  3. Did you have the idea for a product first or just saw something missing in the space
  4. Being an entrepreneur and learning to build a brand on the fly
  5. Current product line up
  6. What’s next – bath line, kitchen, etc.
  7. Where do you get new product development ideas from
  8. Juggling work life balance as founders of a start up
  9. Greg & Michael’s current favorite Lalo product
  10. Rachel & Jordan’s top picks for new products for Lalo to make

+ so much more!

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