i love connecting with each of you so much via email, instagram and at events. But due to the number of emails, requests and questions, i have made this FAQ for you to answer some questions you may have a lot quicker than waiting for a response šŸ™‚

what discount codes to you offer? (please visit the link in my IG bio for full updated list!)

anytime i have a code for a brand it is “RACHL” unless otherwise noted.

a few codes we have just added:

hu kitchen – FREE shipping!

elemental superfood – 15% off

MAJKA – 15% off

birch benders – 20% off

siren snacks – 15% off

primally pure, you get 10% off your order! i recommend the sensitive deodorant (works for men and women), fancy face serum, bath salts, body butter, anything they sell is so great!!

off my case, my absolute favorite phone case ever. you customize it to say whatever you want! they are giving 15% off ALL orders with my code, RACHL.

butcher box, FREE bacon + $15 off + free shipping on your first order! no code but use the link in the box!

ZUPA NOMA, a superfood ready-to-drink soup! whole30 and made with all organic ingredients. code RACHL for 15% off.

georgia grinders, you can get free shipping on $25 orders with code RACHL. the maple caramel, pecan and cashew are my top 3 faves but you can’t go wrong with any!

sun basket, you can get $35 off your first order with my link! it is my FAVORITE meal delivery service because its so delicious and all organic. the meals are so creative too!

Frequently Asked Questions
  • can i sub this ingredient for that ingredient?

    if there is a substitute that i recommend for an ingredient, i will list it. if there isn’t anything listed to sub, please note that means i have not tested anything else. coconut flour can not be subbed for almond flour, i don’t always know if a flax egg will work for egg, etc. i work very hard to create the delicious recipes to share with you and too many substitutions makes the recipe different than what i set out for it. in conclusion, substitute at your own risk!

  • what is oat flour?

    oat flour is oatmeal blended together. i put it into my nutribullet and blend until a flour consistency is made (about 8-10 seconds)

  • what is your workout routine?

    i work out about 3-4x a week. my favorites are barre + yoga and i love to walk. living in hoboken keeps me active as does being in the kitchen most days!

  • what camera do you use?

    my iPhone, no professional camera here! just a gal and her iPhone 10 šŸ™‚ And I use VSCO cam app and SnapSeed for editing!

  • are you vegan or gluten-free?

    i do not believe in labels and titles for myself. i am rachel and that is my diet and label! i used to not eat meat (more on that here ). i don’t follow a specific diet like vegan, paleo, keto, etc. it doesn’t work for me! somedays i crave grass-fed burgers and the next it may be kelp noodles and the next pizza. i choose to honor my cravings rather than identify with one particular label. i eat gluten but love gluten-free recipes, i dabble in the grain-free food too as well as dairy-free.

  • how many calories, fat and carb are in this recipe?

    i DO NOT count calories. i believe in eating whole foods and looking at the ingredients rather than the caloric breakdown. that ish will seriously mess with your head and i don’t want to become obsessive over calories and fat etc. i eat a diet with a lot of healthy fats, proteins, carbs and fiber. eat clean food and you will feel GOOD! don’t get caught up in the nutritional info and calories, carbs, etc. of recipes. just eat REAL food made with good ingredients and listen to your body!

  • can i use your photos and recipes on my website?

    please inquire before using any photos and recipes from my blog.