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Episode 74

Answering ALL Things C-Section and Postpartum

#74: in this episode I sit down to chat ABOUT my c-section and recovery, all things postpartum and answer all your questions about motherhood with three kids!

We take a deep dive into so many different topics about my pregnancy and c-section with our third child.

Here are some of the topics we discuss in the episode:

  1. Combating stress and anxiety during your fertility journey
  2. Gestational diabetes during pregnancy 
  3. Gender/sex disappointment
  4. New learnings in my third pregnancy
  5. Not publicly sharing the sex/gender of my third baby during pregnancy
  6. Preparing for birth / 2nd c-section
  7. Recovering after c-section
  8. Postpartum exercising
  9. Breastfeeding for the third time
  10. What life *actually*is like with three kids
  11. Transitioning from 0 to 1, 1 to 2, 2 to 3 kids
  12. Mental health and making time for yourself 
  13. How has having kids impacted my relationship/marriage with Jordan

+ SO much more! 

Here are some links to some helpful resources:

Here is a LINK to my shop page with all helpful items for c-section recovery, postpartum and your newborn.

Here is a discount code for my favorite lactation bites (code RACHL for 15% off)

Here is a blog post and podcast episode with more on our journey to get pregnant with baby #3

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